Modus week 7

Monday 11th july

Tuesday 12th july

Wednesday 13th of july

Christmas in july Press day

Thursday 14th of july

Friday 15th of july

This week was largely about the Christmas in July press day that took place on Wednesday. The Press Day was an opportunity for the media to come and see what our brands will have for sale come Christmas time mainly products created just for Christmas. from the toast hampers and the toast Christmas ornaments to the Pixi makeup with Holly packaging. Most magazines are shooting right now for somewhere around October so they are probably two months out from shooting December but are planning those shoots now so we want to make sure they are thinking of us when they are planning. The press day is kind of like a big party we open it up for the whole day and send invites the stylist and editors choose when they want to come by normally for 15 mins up to an hour. This press day took place in our showroom typically for the big ones marking each new season they rent out a place and set up there but since it was just a small one we put it on in our own space.

Monday we worked on getting everything out of the room as we had movers move the Thursday before as well as we had moved quite a bit but there was still some more to move around. As well as Press Day prep we still had our regular responsibilities of send-outs and return management. Monday morning, I worked on returns as well as do some walks. On top of all this we also had some Jr. interns with us, and so I had them help me downstairs with merching, all of the rails had been moved from upstairs to downstairs, so I did my best to show them the different rails squished in between the regular rails kept downstairs. And on top of that, we had the Head of Style from GQ come by, and he did an appointment down there which was awkward and embarrassing for us but, luckily the guy was nice, and we made it through without an embracement. In the afternoon like I said we worked on send-outs and clearing product as well from the showroom.

Tuesday though was pretty much all showroom in the morning when I arrived I went straight up and we helped assemble the last stars and then I took Pret orders from the decorators who came and helped us set up. They also needed crew hooks so learned how to get money going to our accountant and signing for money and taking it to the store and making sure to get a receipt. Then bring back the change and receipt for Mickey. When I got back, we continued to set up hanging lights and stringing stars together. Jackie, was the decorator hired, we got a chance to talk and said she worked setting up many retail stores and window displays for large stores like Liberty and Harrods, etc. I've always loved visual merchandising, and so it was interesting working with someone who had collaborated with such prestige brands and stores. The stars we had been setting up Jackie had told Kelly to order, and we had been questioning them as we assembled them but seeing them and everything put together was a real treat and amazing to see her vision come together. By the afternoon everything had been decorated, and we had the AE's come and put the products they wanted to be included. The products were separated into theme tables rather than brands so as to provided ideas what the products might be shot for. These included stocking stuffers, Lux her, Lux him, traveler, nightlife, home, and fashionista. The tables took some fidgeting with making them look right, making sure there was enough product, and making sure all the brands were showed and evenly spread through the tables. While the setup was going on Chloe and I spent most of the day focusing on this, but Coco and Holly took turns on send-outs as well as Sophie. Throughout the day, they needed me to take a walk as well at the end. We worked on DHLs. Finally the AE, Rachel needed me to upload Christmas look books to 20 or so USBs that we could give out to press. Wednesday was Press day we were asked to dress a little nicer than normal. The AEs and higher were upstairs, so we continued doing our work by starting out doing send-outs. Also, Bell and Ross watches needed stands, so I went to the store and borrowed some and came back and worked returns, they had been neglected for the past few days, so there was a lot to do. The CC's and interns primary job was to do the Front of House checking people into fashion GPS events on the IPads to get correct numbers and find out who came. Kelly created a rotation of an hour each. I was on right before lunch then I took over reception. In the afternoon I started by doing a walk and then finally got to go upstairs get a hot chocolate and see what Press Day was about as well as show the Jr interns what we had done. Lastly, I worked on DHls before finishing doing Front of House.

Thursday meant to take down. First, we started by taking apart tables and packaging them up before the movers came and started taking them downstairs and the racks back upstairs. while the mover moved we took down the lights and decorations. in the afternoon we worked on putting the showroom together, putting rails in the appropriate places and the furniture where it belongs. we also organized the racks and put the accessories back on the shelves. By Friday everything had been put back together, and we were able resume our usual tasks. for me, that meant Returns there were probably 100 returns needed to be processed. The Jr. interns came and helped me when they arrived. I needed to teach them but after that, they helped me a lot to switch off between running up and down and returning on the computer. we probably got 50 done. before lunch, I worked in reception and also interviewed Chris for my Portfolio. In the afternoon we worked upstairs and mailers. As well as the normal send-outs and DHLs.

Week 7 question

A) How important is socializing outside the workplace to relationships within the workplace?

Socializing outside of the workplace is definitely important, particularly in Pr. As it’s a great time to make connections to use in the future. Unfortunately, I’m not hugely social, and I don’t drink, and most of the outside socializing is done at the Pub. I did continue with PR I would definitely need to find a way to come out. Though I do think there is something to be said about being social inside the workplace. Though I’m not one to want to go out, I am very vibrant inside the workplace and make an impression.

B) What do you think your colleagues think of you?

Like I said, I make an impression if anything I’m probably a little too social for the workplace. When talking to Chris yesterday, he mentioned that fashion is full of colorful people. I’m definitely colorful, and I think if you asked my co-workers that’s definitely what they would say about me. Overall I think that my colleagues are a young fun group of people that I really like, and most I think really like me. The AE’s and CC’s have all said they will miss me when I leave so taking them for their word I think it’s all good news.

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