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Modus week 8


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This week we had the smallest team since I’ve worked here. As Hollie is on holiday and Ariel left two weeks ago, but we’ve had Jr. interns since she left so we haven’t felt the strain until this week. What this meant for the team and me is we had prioritized things, and some things got left behind. On Monday, we started by doing returns and between the small team and Christmas in July we hadn't had a chance to dig in for a week and a half. Soph and I spent all of Monday morning processing it and got almost all the bags of returns done. Before lunch, I worked in reception covering. After lunch, I worked in sendouts doing requests as well as doing DHL’s. Tuesday Morning I Also worked on sendouts and did a few walks to Vogue and Hearst house. In the afternoon I worked on merchandising the sunglasses as they were taken down during the event and they are so easily lost, so we wanted to make sure they were safe they were put in the showroom offices and because of that were not merched back with everything else. Though we had not taken into account the sunglasses when we had initially put all the back products up, the other shelves also needed to be rearranged. After, I still had a little time left and helped do a few DHLs. Wednesday morning, I once again worked on returns there still was quite a bit piling up as it was put on the back burner with the short staff. Aside from having a lot to return there were all the boxes from when we were moving stuff around for Christmas in July as well with all the ae’s being busy from the event the boxes that weren't urgent got backlogged and were piling up. Lauren Tate came down looking for a bag from coverture that she thought might be in Toast as they have similar styles and looks which prompted a mini clean up while I was working downstairs. I tried to move some boxes; Toast has a whole section, and the majority of the Toast home is set up there which includes a variety of products. I hoped this would help Lauren and the others to find products. After returns, I worked in Reception before heading out for the day for my lunch and presentation. Thursday I worked upstairs in the Showroom and did a cleanup and straightening as Wednesday while we worked the upper management had a training meeting. Tuesday Kelly and Natalie had prepared by moving things around and pushing all the racks onto one side. On Thursday I came in and started first by rearranging the products and racks back to where they were. Some Things I needed to check with Kelly as I was not sure about a few things like a giant Tv on a stand that I didn't want to move without her direction. Something's still had not been put back from press day like Calvin Klein underwear rail which is different than all the others and, I needed to be shown how to do it. After I had things in order and was shown what to do, I needed to organize the products. It’s not something unusual to need to straighten but doing all of it takes time. when finished there's a definite pride knowing how good it looks and coming up with a system. there's a bit of merchandising required about where we take product and design spaces. There's no set standards besides looking nice like there would be in a store so the creativity can flow and that's always a beautiful thing. While I was working upstairs, soph was working on returns and needed some help with merching, so I made a few trips for her and then worked on sendouts in the afternoon. Sendouts had a pretty quiet day, so I ended up also working on some Falke book-ins and then working with Coco on a Galavant inventory checklist. As well we had a few DHL's I helped Chloe with. Friday morning I came in and helped Kelly with a thorough clean of the basement. We had moving guys the day before and moved beauty from the basement to the offices as well as got rid of a lot of the junk and so we were finally able to do a clean and make it look presentable and more importantly easily to navigate. When we finished, we tried to get everything merched that was still lingering downstairs. After we had some returns we did upstairs as well as a walk. Beauty team had been moving product from the Basement to upstairs they had a lot of extra products, so they allowed us to grab some. After I watched reception. After lunch, we had a lot of sendouts and a rush of DHl’s before we finished with my last prosecco Friday.

Week 8 question

A) Now that you are coming to the end of your placement, would you say this internship has changed your future career goals in any way, and the type of position you would like to pursue?

Looking back at my internship and how it will affect my future I see it as a learning experience in the variety of fashion world. As for the exact job I want I don’t know if there is any particular job I see for myself. I still want to work in fashion as I enjoy the creativity of the industry and fun perks. Though, I have learned that if I was working in PR or other aspects of the industry, that rather than working in a multi-brand 2nd party company I would rather work within a brand. As I’ve learned from my time at Modus, I don’t like the hoops you have to jump through when you're hired by a brand from outside and are dependent on them for business. I’ve also learned from working with the team that I like some structure of a formal office space that allows there to be parameters on behavior and clothes etc. But do enjoy the more relaxed atmospheres for that allow playful banter and comfort in the workplace. As well as fun, innovative perks throughout time. Finally, I’ve learned that PR is not for me as I Don’t have the particular social skills for the job nor the interest in the other aspects of Jobs.

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