Summer of discovery: London weekend

This weekend I hung out with a friend in London. She's only here for the summer for study abroad, so we planned to spend my last week for the summer and her second to last. On Saturday we planned to explore Kensington she hadn't seen V&A , so I made a plan around the area.

We started with breakfast at Zach's near Gloucester Road.

walking through regent's park.

we arrived at Kensington Palace.

her name is caroline by the way

The Palace has on an exhibit called Fashion rocks.

Walking through the park, we came to this installation in front of the Serpentine Gallery. They often have different installations, and this is the current one.

the Albert memorial in the park.

V&A ^ cafe

The Sochi gallery currently has an exhibit on called exhibitionism. The exhibit is all about the rolling stones going through from the early days in the dirty apartment, through the music and instruments, and the posters / iconography.

the costumes worn throughout the times.



  3. Spitalfield market (26/06/2016)

  4. borough market

  5. Shoreditch (26/06/2016)

  6. Primrose hill

  7. kew Gardens

  8. exhibitionnism at Sochii gallery

  9. Wimbeldon

  10. English seaside

  11. ​Bournemouth (18/06/2016)

  12. more of england. outside of London

  13. York (3/07/2016)

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