Final week intern modus 9

This is my last week with modus and a shortened one at that as Friday was sports day and so I finished on a Thursday. Monday we were once again small staff as Chloe had a one day holiday and Soph called in sick, so it was just me for the interns. I started by doing returns in the showroom office and doing a walk to a hotel to drop off. I later added photos to some already imputed samples. As well as more walking to Hobbs and Hearst for pick ups. Over lunch, I watched reception as the only intern. After lunch, Coco had a question about a box I had given her. The product from I had given her a Bally dress that came in a box on Friday, but it wasn't our sample we have the same dress but is accounted for, so Coco wanted to know who had sent it but as it had been s weekend we couldn't find it. Usually, we would book into an excel sheet the tracking details but that's all downstairs and since we were short staff we were upstairs and this is what happens things get missed. I also worked on DHLs and wrapping some gifting for editors from Marchon. Tuesday we finally had all the staff back but because of the extended period of the short staff, there was quite a bit of backlog on top of it was stock check day. I started the day working on Pal Zileri stock check I also worked on some G-Star throughout the day, but there were quite a bit of returns so I did a bunch of merching runs. While Soph did the actual returns. With the CCs on stock check, I also did almost all the walks through the day. In the afternoon I continued merching and was supposed to help returns a bit but got pulled into send outs as we had a lot of urgents that took up almost all the time till 5 when DHLs were picked up. After all the urgents and DHLs had been done I helped sort through hollies glasses to see if any current were in with all the old seasons. Wednesday was more of the same. We were still playing catch up with backlogged returns. I started in returns and helping with the multi Soph came down and helped me but by lunch, I had all the backlogged returns returned and loaded as well as the entire rail Merched and some accessories. Over lunch, I watch reception for my last time. After lunch, I helped Hollie book in some product as well as a walk to Vogue and finishing by helping Chloe with DHLs. Thursday was my last day at Modus; I started the last day with bringing in donuts and we had a social breakfast. After we got to work I helped Chloe with packing up send outs and then did a walk to Hearst. I ended up having to wait for a very long time as Elle couldn’t find the product and I needed to call back to Modus a few times, and they called Elle until they finally told me just to leave. When I got back from the walk, I talked with Coco and apparently the stylist thought it had already been picked up so I suggested it might have come in the multi’s luckily it had. After the Elle ordeal, Hollie asked me to organize and add sunglasses cases. There had been no organization before. Part way through I organized lunch and orders for my last lunch and then finished the organization and went to pick up lunch for everyone. In the afternoon we mainly worked on send outs and walked them out as there were a lot of multis. Finally, like most of my days at Modus, I finished with DHL’S.

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