"Chicago ain't no sissy town"-

Thursday was my last day of work, so I planned to fly home on Friday but ended up flying to Chicago where my sister lives for her birthday on Saturday the 30th. I took the none stop Virgin plan from London to Chicago. The flight is smooth and early in the morning, so you get a half day in Chicago. '

Uber from the Airport Chicago is very Uber friendly the airport has a designated pick-up spots. The drive takes no time

IVme Bar

My sister has awful headaches, and she started going to get IVs, and I read that it is especially good for jet lag seeing as you become dehydrated 3X faster and what causes a lot of the symptoms. I scheduled it for Friday afternoon. They set you up with an iv go over your medical history. They asked if I had any pains and since I had a headache they put a light painkiller in with the IV then put me in with a tv, and I watched for about an hour while I absorbed the fluids. I can definitely say it helped I felt an easy transition I still had to stay up an hour longer each night.

her apartment has a view of the John Hancock building

Restoration Hardware Restaurant We planned to go to Dinner at Restoration Hardware, but they didn’t have much seating, and I was starving. We decided instead to get a drink and walk around the store, then find some place with more hardy food. The store is like five massive stories with beautiful showroom after beautiful showroom, and the building itself is beautiful. if your into that it's a definite see ( we are our dads makes leather furniture, and we grew up around it). My sister has eaten at the Restaurant and says it's excellent so worth checking out.

July 30th- Ali's Birthday

Breakfast at Hash House a Go Go This place is just around the corner from my sisters an apartment and a few blocks from Michigan Ave and stuff. The pancakes are Huge and the way I like them lightly cooked. Ali got the apple cinnamon which we grew up with at our old club, and no one makes them yum. Perfect first American Breakfast back.

Cowshed spa at SoHo House My favorite spas in London are the cowshed spas. I found out there's one in Chicago so I booked it for a spa day for Ali's birthday we did Mani Pedi's and then I got a facial and Ali got a MASSAGES All in all pretty nice but not very convenient from the city.

Blowouts at the dry bar Lincoln Park We finished our spa day at the dry bar just a 15 minute Uber ride from cowshed and there's lots in the area like a huge whole foods (which we got Ali groceries from) and a Jcrew and Nordstrom's rack.

Birthday dinner at RPM Italian We had Ali's big dinner at RPM if you watched Giuliana and Bill you know of it. If not it's owned by the long-time host of E! News and her husband and a family of Restaurant ventures. Giuliana is originally from Italy, and her recipes are the inspiration for the dishes along with some more gourmet stuff. The food is all magnificent but its an expensive Restaurant, and you need to book in advance on open table.

presents afterward in her apartment

Sunday 31st

Sky deck at Sears Tower (Willis Tower) My dad's originally from Chicago area and so whenever I've gone it was with him or now that my sister lives there it's for her but because of this we do things like go to whole foods and see family. I've never really done touristy things, so I told my sister I wanted to go on the Sky deck this time. She told me to book tickets in advance so I booked the viator one which I thought meant we did Fast pass but it doesn't. With that said, we arrived at 8:15, 15 minutes, before it opens. We found it went pretty fast we were up at the Sky deck by 10:40 (there's a 10 minute waiting period for a movie, but you don't have to watch it you just have wait for it to start before you can move to the next line. Having the VIP would have meant we would have been there by ourselves, but it was still pretty empty still. The glass boxes are only on the south side, but you can walk around and have great views of all the directions. The John Hancock building which is on Michigan Avenue has a similar idea and is closer to everything and the Lake, but I think the Sears tower is the original landmark (it's been renamed since its opening and has more variety of the city as well is taller. Overall I think the morning first thing opening is the only way to go.

breakfast at Kanela’s Breakfast Club

My sister suggested breakfast at this place called Kanela Breakfast club its no where near the sears tower but its has some really good food. I went for S’more waffles its ridicules for the morning time but its one of those things you have to try. And though it is very sweet and filling you, it doses taste FANTASTIC!!!.

walk through town

We had a plan to go from the Kanela’s to a movie at a recliner movie theater for Ghost Buster. The walk was nice to see some of the city and beautiful Buildings.

shopping on Michigan Ave.

One of my favorite things about Chicago is the shopping. For 1 they have it all Central on Michigan Avenue. For another, it's where east cost and west cost collide, so you have all the shops you only get on the east coast and the ones you only get on the west coast. Finally since its one of the largest American cities it has the stores you only get in the largest cities like Zara and designer shops.

sprinkles cupcakes On our walk back we got cupcakes at Sprinkles they have a cupcake ATM at this location we got ours inside because they have all the options as well as the multi-packs. We got cinnamon sugar (amazing), red velvet (ok), sprinkles (ok), and lemon meringuei (I din’t try).


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