Oh, London is a man's town, there's power in the air; And Paris is a woman's town, with

One of my best friends is studying for the semester in Paris. I Hadn't seen for three years since I went to see her in Mexico and before that I hadn't seen her for another year. So when she decided to study here, it was a high priority I came and saw her (she jolted me twice before saying she was coming to visit and then wasn't able to).

Friday 16th of September

5:40 train from London got me in at 9

motorbike tax- when I got to Paris my phone was not working on the cellular data, and I couldn't use Uber. Luckily I had text my friend the hotel's address, so I went to get a cab. The cab line was long, and one of the men approached me and since that the line could take an hour but since there was just one of me I could use take the motorbike taxi which is the same company and I would leave now, and it would be faster. I was hesitant (a random guy asking you to get on his bike seems a little sketchy) I thought over and was like sure do things that scare you. It ended up being pretty cool I felt like a local on the back of the bike weaving through traffic, and you can just see the sites so much better.

Marriott- I booked the Convention Center Marriott bc it was cheap and close to my friend. If your getting a good deal, I might recommend it because it's still pretty nice and its close to the metro but if the idea of us ring the metro scares you and you want to walk to all the sites then probably not for you. I also stayed on the executive lounge room and so I get free drinks and food and. Stuff which is a plus too.

Lunch- my friend met me for lunch, and we went to one of the restaurants near the hotel and Italian one none the less. The food was good. But it was the company I was there for.

Veg out- we ended up vegging out the rest of the day between waking up at 4 am for my train and the Mexican independence was the night before (the real one September 15th, not the American one may 5th). Needless to say, she was a little hungover. We hung out in my hotel room before she headed home to sleep it all off.

Walk- even though it was pouring I walked around the hotel before giving up and heading to the hotel ordering room service.

Saturday 17th of September

Morning, I was awoken by the scary sound of the phone. Marcella was calling me to say to get my ass out of bed, and we were going to veraseii (I had been on my first trip and wasn't that impressed with the whole experience, but marches friends were going, and she really wanted to go)

Walking from hotel to Marce's then from there we took the metro to her friends in City Center from there we finally made it to the train towards Versailles at 11

The train takes 20-30 minutes.

Versailles city is completely touristy with McDonald and a Starbucks which meant we had to stop bc I need my Starbucks.

Tickets- luckily I had been so I knew we need to stop at this one ticket shop that sells tickets. Theres plenty of signs we didn’t miss it the first time I was there but this time everyone almost missed it maybe because we were coming from Starbucks and not straight from the train where they have people pointing you towards the ticket place. Anyways the lines may be long so it might be to your benefit not to go straight off the train because of that the largest crowds when the trains arrive (almost everyone takes the train out its easy and fast). It turns out if you have a Visa for more than six months in the EU( Britain still has little longer yah!) Otherwise, there is no students discounts. And you do have to pay for the gardens, but you can get them at the gardens and there only 7 euros.

walk- the palace is like three blocks away and very obvious as you just follow the crowds and then it's a massive empty drive (clear of buildings, not people) leading to the palace.

Palace- the Palace has two entrances, one for tours and “VIP” the other is for everyone else. The first time I went through with a tour as it gets you in faster so if you are there in the summer and the VIP tickets are sold out taking a tour is well worth it (they have a variety of language tours). When you go in, normal you walk in the opposite wing of the restored wing, where they have security than from there it across the courtyard. You walk through a series of “fill rooms” with videos, unimportant paintings, and mixture models. Though you do see the chapel which I don’t believe we saw from the touring side. From the fill rooms, you walk through the hallway with statues. you walk into the Hercules room from there where the tours start and are where the majority of the restoration work. The thing about the Versailles is that it's a HUGE palace, but the only part of the entire place is about six rooms, Which is why I found it disappointing. I’ve seen Marie Antoinette a lot, and I was expecting it to be amazing seeing the rest of the place the movie docent show you, but the only rooms that are restored are the rooms from the film.

The gardens- I mentioned before you pay extra for the gardens between 7-8 euros. We walked around ALOT about 20,000 steps to be precise and took ALOT of photos.

Lunch- in the main gardens on one of the sides, they have a restaurant in the “maze.” The food pretty touristy but it's cute and close.

We ended up spending about 5 hours in the gardens and still did not cover it all but we saw a lot and there're some cool beautiful places. Some original areas and some modern areas.

Dinner- for dinner I did my favorite I was positively pooped after everything we did that day. I went back to the hotel and did deliverroo and thAT MADE ME SO HAPPY.

Sunday 18th

Breakfast at Ladurée- there was a long list of things I told my friend had to do. We weren't able to do like any of it besides go to brunch at Ladurée It's just something you have to do.

Lafayette-I had decided to go shopping Lafayette. Lafayette is the shopping area of Paris the only problem is NOTHING is open on Sunday's. Instead, we went to Starbucks until I head backs on the train.

Things have to do

Louvre- take a tour of the Louvre. It's a big place and getting a tour is the only way to assure you'll see the right stuff in a minimal amount of time. ( hint: don't spend more then a minute by the mona lis its not worth it and way over crowded)

Norte Damn- go in the morning before tourists make it there. It changes it from tourist spot to a religious experience.

Dinner boat ride down the Seine-this is is a genuinely perfect experience great food great sites and fantastic time.

Top of Eiffel Tower- still haven't done this one but you know it's something you have to do.

Crazy horse or Moulin Rouge- a part of the Parisian experience is going to see tat-tas in a little song and dance. Crazy Horse is an upscale version; it's more modern and a full on show. The different in the versions. Moulin Rouge is the original, and it's completely touristy in the red light district, and it's really just the boobs not too much more.

The top of the hill- Sacré-Cœur

Paris flea market- it's in a sketchy area but inside the market, the different stalls and cool things you'll find are an experience.

Boutiques in Marais

Saint-Chapelle and Towers of Notre-Dame

Get a crepe every chance you have

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