Why Do you always wear that?

There're a few things that you will rarely ever see me not wearing, and there is a reason for that a story and/ or a history. ​

​Pearls- The Pearls are simple it's just something I've always done and something my mom has always done. A lot of these things have to do with traditions my mom created as we were growing up. My Mom created Birthday Milestone presents. for starters I have four older sisters and my mom wanted to create "traditions", a fair present strategy, and a way to stop why did she get that and I didn't. She did that by setting presents for different birthdays (it's not all we get, but it's something to look forward too). The pearls are a 16th birthday present, not all my sister wear them every day all day (actually, only I do), but they all got them.

my mom and I booth wearing our pearls togeather

^ my mom in her pearls way back in 1980's

^ me at my 2nd birthday see told you I Always wear the pearls.

Signet Ring- My signet ring is from my High School. A signet ring was originally from England and had a family crest on it to be able to create a seal in wax. Many men in England still wear them now they are more commonly for wedding rings but worn on a pinky finger. My high school had a ring week tradition in junior year (third year of the four years in high school). The tradition goes that you buy your ring, figure your size out, and what metal, etc. Then you go through a week of "hassing" and at the end you have a Ring Dinner put on by the senior class, a.k.a. Your ring sisters and after who knows what, you finally get your ring. I still wear it, though a lot of my friends don't. I was also the rare person who got it to fit their pinky (my mom high school had a similar tradition, and she wears hers on her pinky).

My ring sister giving me the ring with a "Proposal"

my ring group all wearing the ring ^ that's my hand

^Some Hassing during ring weeks. One group dressed as Oompa Loompas singing the Oompa Loompa song in front of the cafeteria.

more Hassing first day of ring week we were given our prop, and our face was decorated in lipstick. (these noses hurt they dug into the skin, and we had to wear them 24/7)

Triple gold ring- the triple gold (three rings gold, rose gold, white gold intertwined) ring may be the biggest family tradition. The story goes my mom's best friend always wore one, and she loved it and bought it in Thailand with my dad after she finally had money. A few years later she went on a trip to Italy with her best friend and my oldest sister after her study abroad in England. They saw the ring in a store window, and they mentioned they always liked her wearing it, and so my mom bought each one. My sister was 21 that year, and so it became a 21st birthday present, and most of us wear them all the time.

My mom and her best friend who always wore the triple gold ring you can see the ring here

Mom and my oldest sister, and other best friend in Italy when they bought the rings.

Fitbit- there's no sentimental value to this I just get asked all the time what it is. It's a watch and a step counter.

Charm Bracelet - I don't wear my charm bracelet every day, but it's sentimental and on the same track of the other items. The solid gold charm bracelet is for the 13th birthday. Before our 13th birthday we have a silver charm bracelet, but on our travels from when we were very little, my mom started collecting the gold charms from our travels and monumental moments. And that is what the bracelet is, it's a "scrapbook for your wrist."

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