"Now you're in New York These streets will make you feel brand new The lights will inspire

For my fall break, I decided to go to New York for a week. I am currently a year from graduation as I will graduate a year from December. With a little to go but still soon. I wanted to start making contacts. And narrowing in on job options. With that said I also have a sister who just moved here so it was a great opportunity to see her and I could stay with her. I have been to New York maybe 10 or 12 times. The first time was when I was in 6th grade and then again that year for my sister's graduation. As well I did some summer programs here in high school as well as some trip here in college when I was at Syracuse. Hopefully, I can compile those trips into a comprehensive New York guide.

Thursday 20th

I flew out after class on Thursday and got into NYC around 8. I took an uber, and I glad I did because the taxi line was the longest I had seen. By the time I made it to my sister's apartment it was late and I really just slept.

Friday 21st

Friday morning was a downpour and I hadn't planned for that, but my sister had no food, so I made it to Trader Joe's got some food I also had been thinking non-stop about new york pizza, and so I went to a pizza shop next door.

Friends building- My sister's flat are down the street from the Friends building used for the facade shots of the apartment Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler live in (90 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014). I’m a big Friends fan, and Friends isn’t on UK Netflix, so I spent my new york days well spent watching it on my sisters 70-inch flat screen.

The Little Owl- The restaurant at the building The Little Owl (which in the show is presumed to be Central Perk) my sister says is excellent she claims she had the best Chicken in her life there (and she a foodie so…).

Later I walked around the west village. I had never really been in this area of New York, and so I didn’t know it was so cute. I was a block from Bleecker Street which has a variety of shops. From Marc Jacobs to Jo Malone to Scotch and Soda. The area is very trendy but also has a long history.

Saturday 22nd

Saturday was again Rainy but not as bad.

I headed over SoHo ( I always thought everyone knew what SoHo meant but in new york it does have a meaning besides just trendy area it stands for South of Houston). I had wanted to see &other stories (one of my favorite European shops) there's only two in the States, and both are in New York.

I had also promised my sister to go to the Soul Cycle Sample Sale 150 Greene St, Soho. I don’t get the whole soul cycle idea let alone the clothes which just say Soul Cycle at an elevated price from regular workout gear. But if you are going to buy them the warehouse sale is the time their pants typically cost $100 and for that price I got a pair of pants, a shirt, and a bra. I arrived ten till 11 when it opened and found. It was the third day of the sale, and so it wasn’t crazy or anything though there was a line, I was in by 11:05. (I told my sister if it was too crazy I wouldn’t go)

in the afternoon I spent more time watching Friends

Seaport- Saturday night I met up with a friend in the financial district. We ended up going to Seaport and eat at the Smorgasburg 199 Water St, New York, NY 10038. The place as six different restraints and is situated in the revival historic area of Seaport which has recently been transformed into a trendy area with commercial shops in the old boat warehouses. most recently seaport was the site of Tommy x Gigi Carnival

Sunday 23rd

DryBar- Sunday morning I went to the DryBar in the meat packing district. I wanted to look good for my interviews, and Dry Bars are my go to favorites I've had a lot of great experiences there.

Brow Bar- later I walked to the Benefit brow bar, I’d never been but heard good things about it. And I was pleasantly surprised how good and quick they were.

Nails- I went across the street after looking online and blah blah I just said screw it went across from the brow bar. The place was not that great, and I paid way more than need be.

In the afternoon I walked around Bleecker Street . The street was doing trick or treat, and so there were all these cute kids and stuff. In the morning I walked past Magnolia Bakery and didn’t go in because I thought it was too early to have a banana cream pie but the rest of my time in the area, when I would go by it, was packed.

Monday 24th

Monday I had my first interview, but it wasn’t till three, so I decided to go uptown to Burgdorf Goodman and walk down 5th.

Plaza Hotel- there's a special little place in my heart for the Plaza. I stayed there my very first time in New York at six months old with my big sister for her 16th birthday. Besides my trip to NYC the First time I always loved the Eloise books (and I want to be her). I always have to stop by and look in the gift shops

Bergdorf’s- I LOVE Bergdorf’s there is nowhere in the world quite like it every item in the store is perfectly curated, and it's like walking around the most fantastic museum ever created ( I know it's not a museum and if I could pay to shop trust me I would). I have a policy of starting from the top floor, so I walked in had a little fashiongasim when I saw the one and only Linda Fargo. If you don’t know who that is, she’s the head buyer of Bergdorf's and the equivalent of Anna Winters on the retail side of the industry. She chooses every piece that is sold in Bergdorf's and significantly shapes fashion. I have a rule of always starting at the top going through home and kids and descending through the store.

Walk down 5th Ave- 5th Avenue is a lot longer just the shop's area. I walked down from Burgdorf which is at the very top of the street. Past all the stores I stopped at Rockefeller's Center to go into the met’s gift shop there and then continued down the road for two miles. Past some of new york most iconic sites.

ABC Furniture- another thing that you can’t go to new York and not go to ABC. The store is like a giant bazaar of cool stuff with a bohemian look and feels to the place they have a variety of (expensive) but fresh products some are brands like Ralph Lauren Home. Others are pieces they find and resales like Salvage Hunters or Salvage dogs.

In the afternoon I had a meeting with my cousin's friend at W Magazine it started off awkward as I arrived they couldn't reach her and since it the freedom tower there really strict on security. I texted two of my sisters and asked how long I should wait around, and one said a half hour and the other said an hour as she was doing me a favor for me. So I waited a half hour in the building and then went outside a walked around the 9/11 monument for a bit and finally got a reply from her, and I went inside, and they confirmed and let me up. For all my interviews I had the questions written down in a notebook. She was nice we talked for short bit she mentioned how you just need to look into contacts try and connect and that you just have to get into those low-level jobs and work them and help make it farther.

Tuesday 25th

Tuesday morning my sister was coming home so most of the morning I waited for her to come home and when she finally made it I went and got her a croissant and coffee from Maison Kayser which is amazing

Later I needed to go and get a present for my sister for staying at her home. I wanted to get her martini glasses vodka, olives, and a shaker I went all over the city and had such a hard time it ended up being Bed Bath, and Beyond that, I could finally find everything at.

Sam Edelman- My second interview was with my mom's friend from Sam Edelman. I met her at the offices in midtown near time square she showed me around the offices and told me about the different jobs/ departments at the Brand. We talked for about an hour, I told her about my Background. She asked me the usual question about where I want to be after question, and I gave her the I would love London, but I'm not getting my hopes up. We talked about her path in the industry she started with her dream job at Harpers Bazar and the moved to a brand she dreamed of working for (it's not very popular now but was then). She asked me about what my favorite brands are. Suggesting I look towards those brands and the brands in my closet, as I'll already have something in common with the brand and have the right mindset and I found that interesting though it's something I've sort of already been doing its something to think about more thoroughly. We also talked about the different jobs I might like she suggested sales team (that work with buyers, not in stores sales). We also talked about finding connections and keeping in touch.

facial- I had walked by Claude a few times on the way to my sister's house and went on Gilt City to see what they were offering in New York, and they just so happened to have a deal on facials at Caudalie so it worked out well.

Dinner- I met my sister for dinner in Union Square. We talked about going to ABC Cocina a restaurant inside ABC furniture, a restaurant a salesman at Bergdorf's had told me about the amazing desert there which was like Carmel salted chocolate popcorn. We ended up not going because I couldn’t get a reservation and we walked past a sushi restaurant, and that sounded really good. The restaurant was called Haru. And we ended up liking it and had a nice dinner.

Desert- over dinner we started talking about ice cream and my sister had a few ideas of some good different ice cream places. I mentioned rolled ice cream, but she hadn’t heard of it, so we watched a video and then needed to find a place. Luckily there was a place in the NYU area, and it ended up being excellent.

Wednesday 26th

My last day was Wednesday I mainly just headed uptown to my meeting.

Finally, the third meeting was with my mom's friend who used to be ahead of a modeling agency and still knows a lot in the industry. We talked about options and what I might want to do. She mentioned some jobs none that really sticked, but she was thinking about product curations and stuff.

in the afternoon after I hung out in west village walked around (I wanted my banana cream pie from Magnolia bakery, but they were busy again.)

Finally, I Arranged a Cleaner to come for my sisters. And took an uber to JFK.

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