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ABC furniture- I mentioned before, but it's a must do I love going and seeing their fresh products. It's a place of inspiration and amazement.

Burgdorf- again it's some place you have to go through and see all the amazing products for inspiration.

Burgdorf restaurant- the restaurant has one of the best views of the city with views of the park and 5th Ave. The food is also fantastic it's first class for sure, but it's a favorite spot make reservations for an off time like 11 am or 2 pm, and you will get the widow dome chairs.

Walk around 5th Ave- it's mainly large commercial stores, but you still need to see.

Tiffany and co- go through the levels of Tiffanies i go back and forth on likening tiffanies but the head store on 5th Ave is the creme of the crop. It's so much more than there other stores. One of my favorites is the engagement ring floor you can walk around and see all the rings. A few years back my sister and I were wondering around seeing everything and this salesman told us to come over and look at this ring it was a ten carte ring. He said when a guy talked of marrying us to bring him back and to buy the ring. The building also is in a 1920's Art Deco style, and it's a beautiful example of the style. The elevators still have operators.

Walk around Central Park- I love Central Park, unlike London it's really the only green space in New York. It's a great place to walk around, and they're a few hidden gems including the pond where you can rent sailboats, the zoo in which is free though you have to pay for some exhibits, and the boat house and much more.

MET- the Met is one of my favorite places it has an amazing collection. I worked the Met gala, so it has a special place in my heart. But it's always a fun place to be. If there's a fashion exhibit on you must see it they are always amazing and check out the 1st Monday in May documentary.

Lilly Pulitzer store- as someone who loves Lilly but doesn't live near any I always love checking out the store in New York it's a really cute little townhouse, and they have a sale section which if you shop Lily only you know you can't buy besides

Empire state building VIP- empire state building is always crowded no matter the time. My first visit we ended up going at 11 pm paid $50 (10 years ago) you skip every line it takes maybe 30 minutes (the lines take hours) and seeing the city that never sleeps at night is just a fantastic view. I hear a lot of people now like to go to the top of 30 rock, I’ve never been, but the empire state building is classic.

Statue of liberty- as an American you have to see the statue of liberty I recommend going first thing in the morning walk fast you can see it all quickly be the first to get off the ferry and then run back. The ferry makes a stop at Ellis island, but you don’t have to get off (we didn’t)

9/11 memorial- in the 10 years since I’ve been going to NYC, I’ve seen 9/11 at almost every step since the attack (dirt, construction, the actual memorial) back when it was still dirt that was really emotional seeing the extent of the attack. The memorial is so beautiful and will take your breath away make the time walk around you really get the sense of the size of the buildings and what it meant to the country.

Pizza shop- you have to go to a pizza shop, my rule is the cheaper the better if your paying much more than a dollar a slice you're paying way to much. Theres lists of what's the best but really just find the neighbor hood one and try. 4 B’s of NYC- Bergdorf's, Bendell’s, Bloomingdales, and Barney’s of the shops in the city these are the four classic shops you have to hit. Bergdorf’s is a classical department store in the largest form, Bendel's used to be the home of artisan luxury (they now really just sell Bendel's trinkets which are a shame), Bloomingdales’s is also a department store but more average price then Bergdorf's, Barney’s is uber trendy department

^ view from lion king theater of time square

Show- you have to see at least one show when your in town if you're not set on seeing a book of Mormon or Hamilton a great way of getting the best tickets is going to the box office in the late afternoon and ask what they can give you. The box office can actually choose what price they’ll give you if you go to the office in the middle of Time Square they can only give you the price the box office tells them ahead of time.yo and if its available at that office to will also be available at the actual box office (there's also fewer lines at the theater's box office)

Plaza tea/ brunch- the plaza is amazing if you have it in your budget make sure to stay here sadly most don’t so in that case you should definitely go for tea and have your Eloise moment if you haven’t seen or read about Eloise then I would highly recommend this.

Mood/ Midtown- if you're into fashion then go to midtown which is the fashion district they have a few statues, and you can go into the mood (where they go on project runway). You can also see other fashion/ fabric stores and you might see some people you never know.


Plaza Hotel- like I said if you have the money there is no better place in the world then the Plaza hotel. My first trip to new York we stayed here (when I was six months old)

Ritz’s Carlton- again it high-end hotel but the location right on the park you can’t get much better. Marriott lexington- this is a great a neat I’m always a fan of Marriotts.

Renaissance New York Hotel 57- the Renaissance is a cool looking hotel and just blocks away from everything and particularly close to Bloomingdales

Gramercy Park Hotel- this is one of my favorite hotels in the world Gramercy Park is one of the most particular parts of The City. The park is locked, and only people living in the buildings surrounding it can get in with a key (see the movie That Awkward Moment there's a whole story around the Gramercy Park) . But if you're staying at the hotel they have a key and you can get in. Also, they have wonderful scents throughout the hotel, and the hotel buildings are really cool.

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