London Thanksgiving weekend with my sister

Thanksgiving is a weird weekend outside of the U.S. it's not like it's not being celebrated, but it's just not fully there regardless of the food. I think it's the family aspect I miss my family always celebrates in Palm Desert with both me grandparents and 2 of my 3 aunts and lots of cousins. The morning of Thanksgiving my cousins throw a football game at a local park, my uncle referees and the mom’s sit on the side. Then in the afternoon we have Thanksgiving after everyone goes home and regroups and we have dinner around one at either our home or my aunts, sometimes catered, and sometimes we make the big stuff and ask people to bring stuff.


Since going moving to London 3 years ago, I haven’t had time to fly home to celebrate with the family. This year my sister decided to fly out for Thanksgiving since she got two days off and was able to be here for 4 days without taking any time off.

Thursday the 24th of November (THANKSGIVING)

Ali flew out Wednesday after work and flew in Thursday morning, so I took the tube out to meet her at Heathrow. Then we took the tube back to my place.

Aladdin- I always like to see a show when family is in town, so I booked Aladdin I heard great things about the show, and I really like the Disney shows I had seen. The show was really good a little long and we think it was all understudies for the 2:30 Thursday matinee. The most amazing part was the scene from a whole new world where the stage went dark, and they just had twinkle lights.

Walk around- We had a bit of time between the end of the show and our dinner reservation. We tried to find this ice cream spot we had wanted to hit up, but couldn’t find it, so we just ended up walking around London. from Trafalgar Square to Regent Street, Liberty and then making it sketch for dinner.

Sketch- Sketch is super trendy I ate here with my parents but at the library which is way more expensive, and so we went downstairs to the Gallery, which is the one you see on Instagram. The food was excellent and it really is an experience. This wasn’t a traditional thanksgiving meal, but there are plenty of places in London you can book for a Thanksgiving meal or buy a meal from whole foods.

Friday the 25th of November

hanging out- I purchased a pumpkin pie from Wholefoods two days before so we could have a bit of Thanksgiving so the morning after we hung in bed watched T.V. and ate Pie.

Nails- I booked us mani-pedis at Cowshed in Notting Hill Friday morning so we could relax, Ali was dealing with jet lag, so I wanted to let her relax.

The Edition Hotel- after we went back to my place to grab our bag we head over to a hotel I had booked for the night. The edition is right off Oxford Street and above most of Soho. The hotel was nice its super trendy and had some quirks like the light switches and figuring out the blackout blinds.

Lunch at BRGR- 3 of my favorite restaurants in London are just down the road from the Edition (BRGR, Chipotle, and Franco Manco). BRGR I consider The best burger in maybe the world (gourmet not fast food In-n-out of course wins that award.)

Oxford to Regent street- from the hotel we walked to Liberty and walked around a bit more as we hadn’t had much time to see the whole store the day before. then we were on a search to find me a jacket as I had forgotten my jacket and so Ali got to buy herself a new coat. We ended up buying her a new Barbour jacket.

Ice skating- we walked from Oxford Circus to superset house for ice skating. This is one of my favorite holiday activity in London. You need to buy your tickets online ahead of time because they sell out of a lot of times and the time to go is at night its just a fun place to be its a variety of skill levels from people spinning to people holding the edge afraid to go out and skate. Then after getting a hot chocolate and watching the skaters is just as much fun.

Ice cream- when walking to somerset house we walked past the ice cream shop we had been looking for the day before so on our back we had to stop. We had seen this ice cream on Instagram and Pinterest its soft severed cone with cotton candy wrapped around it. the idea was really good, but something was off with the actual ice cream.

Regent at night- after getting back to the hotel we hung out for a while, but I realized I needed just 1,500 steps to hit my goal of 20,000 each day, so we went to walk around liberty because Ali thought there was something she wanted to buy. Black Friday was also going on - this isn’t what Americans think of black Friday it's not crazy sales it's more just store wide discounts across store around 30%. We also stopped into all saints, and they were also having a 30% sale.

Saturday the 26th of November

Ken to Chelsea- after we checked out of the hotel we headed to my house and walked from there to Kings road. We went to see a few shopper and ended at Sloan Square taking the tube to the shard.

Tea- the only thing my sister asked to do was a tea. I had done a bit of research I had made the Ritz tea with my grandparent's ad thought it was nice but very price. I figured going to the shard made since because it was the same price but the shard came with great views and something else to see. The presentation was incredible with dry ice scented box and you have an option for a Japanese tea or a British tea menu. We ended up choosing the Japanese tea because it looked better.

electric cinema- we saw Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them at this cool theater in Notting hill they have a full menu and

Sunday the 27th of November

V&A- the last day we had looked at a few different things but nothing opens till 12 on Sunday in London I had been talking about the say you want a revolution. The exhibit is really good we also ended up signing me up for a membership which is a great deal because you and a friend only need to see to exhibits a year and it pays for itself.

Harrods ice cream- we walked around Harrods when they finally opened at 11:30. I had told her about the ice cream parlor and we had been planing to find a time, so we made sure to make it.

lunch at Franco Manco- our last stop was lunch at one of my all time favorite pizza place.

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