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Global entry- if you are traveling in and out of Global Entry is a must it makes going through customs in America a breeze. In Utah, I went from landing through customs and pick up my bag to curbside in 30 minutes (no Joke), but that's not standard. But it does help so much in all the other cities particularly in Los Angeles and Chicago I was shocked seeing how long the lines were and how much it helped. Most of the times all the bags are on the carousel going around, and there's only three of us waiting because everyone is still in line for customs.

Cell phone service- People have asked me what my advice is and my first answer is to make sure you call to find out about cell phone service know about what it's going to cost. You'll want to use it to uber, walking directions, look up restaurants on Trip advisor, bring up reservations numbers, and calling for emergency meet ups. as well as taking photos is always easier on the phone as its convenient. Make sure to have a plan but keep a look out for wifi hotspots (Starbucks are always good, and your rooms wifi might be a fee, but lobbies are almost always free). If you have an iPhone and your texting on messenger (when the texts are Blue NOT green) those are free on wifi.

If you're in a place for a week or longer, it might be cheaper to get a sim (don't get it from the airport wait till you're on the high street find a cell carrier and ask about a pay as you go sim plan). You can get everything for around £10, and you just stick an earring into your phone's sim spot take the sim out (taping it onto a card that has international charges, so you won't use it works great)



Long Champ expandable- when I'm traveling I throw this in my bag so if my bag is overweight I put the excess weight in the long Champ or if I buy on my travels excess I have something of multiple sizes I can throw things into. It also works as a great carry on. But I've checked mine, and it's incredibly sturdy and can be checked no problem. Also a portable scale so you know what your bags

carry all bag- flying takes a lot so I find carrying a bag that you can throw everything in is essential find out everything I bring on the plane here

CrossBody bag- when you're in a new city you never know how safe you are so carrying something close to your body is always the best idea. It also leaves your hands free for everything else. This bag fits SOOO much as you can see from Nordstrom's photo and it really does when my sister was in town I carried all my stuff and here's around in the bag. I also can get my big camera, iPad, phone, wallet (see below), and umbrella all in the bag.

great wallet- you end up needing a lot when your traveling and a wallet that can carry all the cards is critical. This one also has two sides for cash so you can take two currency great if you're traveling from England (pounds) to Europe (euros) or any other different countries with different currency or carrying your own currency and the destinations currency.

travel blanket and pillow- Flying is the worst having something to make you comfortable is key, and I love my pillow to cuddle against the window. also when you get to your hotel and your not sure about their stuff you always have the blanket and pillow you know is only used by you.

the right seat on the plane- a key aspect of flying is getting the right seat it can make all the difference paying for extra leg room and having a seat by the window to SLEEP or an aisle seat to stay awake.

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