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When my sister was here a few months back, she told me I was a beauty hoarder, and I had to stop buying what they told me to buy. Then a few weeks ago my friend mentioned that she would die to go through my cosmetics, so I decided to go through my cosmetics and clean some out, give away some, and then reorganize.

the first step getting it out and then organizing from my must keep to less attached

My friend took what she wanted and then organized into sectors to see what I had so I could get rid of excess.

Finally, I was left with all of this ^ more importantly, these were my favorite products that I had to keep no matter what.

Drops of Crystal Cashmere Touch Cream- I got this lotion when I was working at Jimmy choo from a box of excess Products for the Glamor Awards Goodybag. But this is one of my favorite product actually scratch that this is my favorite product. It just feels so soft and luxurious.

Caudalie Eau De Beauté- this product I love for real, I don't really know what its just amazing and just wakes you up and makes you feel rejuvenated somehow and someway.

Palmarosa Revitalising Mask- Another product I bought after an appointment. I can honestly say it works. I buy into the Industry (way too much) but something I hate is how I never can tell how effective products are but this was something I used weekly, and I went in for facial somewhere else, and didnt mention I was useing this product but the lady stated how firm my face was!!!!!

boscia Luminizing Black Mask- You've probably seen a million facebook ads for a mask like this where they smear mask on then peel it off. Well its true you can just smear it on getting so much joy out of pulling it off I bought this two years ago, and I love it.

Charcoal Pore strips- I think everyone loves pore strips there's just something so satisfying about ripping them off these are charcoal ones which helps cleanse the dirt and attract the oil as well the contrast makes the looking for impurities pulled off just that much more satisfying...

Carbonated Bubble clay Mask- I just recently bought this, but I really liked it. It's a weird feeling when it goes on its irritating because I felt like I had all these hairs in my face when in fact it was just the mask reacting but it wasn't painful just annoying. But the mask has cool properties that worked really well.

Moroccan oil- everyone at this point seems to be using Moroccan oil or an argan oil product. But I've been using it for probably eight years now and my hair is incredibly healthy and soft. I just lightly list it around my ends of my hair (your scalp's oils naturally condition the top of your hair). My other tool to keep strong, healthy hair is only to wash it once a week. (I know ew, but it works)

Moroccan oil Sun- I bought these last year for Cabo (I'm awful about putting on sunscreen), but I found the after sun milk was fantastic after forgetting sunscreen and feeling burned the first day. Its just a little mist of calming spray that is rally refreshing on burnt skin.

Sugar Sport-I really love Sugar lip glosses and I saw this at Sephora, and since like I said I am awful at using sunscreen this is a really great product for the purse for when you're running around and is really soothing for the skin.

Chamomile Refreshing Toner- I've been going to cowshed for a few years, and I started buying the toner this past summer. It's nice because of it is natural but Strong.

Lavender Gentle Cleanser- the cleanser works really well with the toner and i love lavender it's my favorite scent so that's a perks. they cam with the CLARISONIC.

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