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Summer is coming, and so I've been preparing for what I will do. Last summer I worked with Modus for eight weeks after my school placed me with them after my own search came up short. The internship with modus wasn't all I hoped for as I never really had an interest in PR. So this year I wasn't working with my school and had all of the experience of last summer's search. Last year I started in January which I found out was way too early for the UK as they tend to post as they need them. While in the US they post in January/December. As US companies have set internship programs over them summer, with the school schedule taking off summer. This year I decided to do a light search during January and February and then I had my spring break the first week of March I had decided to really start my search than to try and hit the sweet spot. My main point of all this is just to search and play the numbers. I applied to over 50 internships in the US and UK. the biggest thing is to have your CV/ Resume ready and a cover letter ready because 90% of the applications only ask for those two things.

My career advisor told me to create an excel sheet to keep track of them and to check up on them. Its also really helpful to go back to the job sites to look for more.

company sites-for fashion it's good to know those brands you have a clear interest in and to find jobs with. Kering owns Gucci, Stella McCartney, Alexander Mcqueen etc. and LVMH owns Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Fendi etc. Other brands you have a particular interest in making sure to go to their website and usually at the bottom it says careers along with things like contact us and legal. There they will post



fashion job sites UK





fashion job sites US



general job sites-even when you are looking at the particular industry the still check general locations. and ask around to people you know.




don't forget to make sure your web presence is in order.

be prepared for the call my career advisor helped me create an interview script so I'm prepared and have something to pull from they might not be the exact questions but it means you have things you are thinking about not just random from the top of your head.

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