Easter in Scotland

For Easter, I went up to Scotland to visit some family friends for the four-day holiday. My friends live in an authentic rural town in Scotland the town is all of 500 people and the next biggest town around is Dumfries with has some 30,000 people. It takes somewhere between four to five hours to get to Dumfries from London Euston and then a 45-minute drive from their to their house. ​​

People crowded waiting for the train to be announced it's hilarious when it finally goes up what platform the train will be the entire area just moves as one grabbing their stuff and trying to get a seat. Seats are assigned, but on Easter weekend you would have had to book far ahead of time to get a seat, so people are moving as fast as possible to find a seat. I just found a seat and sat and pray someone doesn't come and claim that it's there. Both times I've gone up I did get a seat. But there's a chance you will be standing the whole way up so always request a seat.

The day I got there it was my mom's best friends birthday so brought a cake ^ when I picked it up v when I arrived (it flipped over at Euston station)

​The first night in honor of Nicolette's birthday we went out for her birthday. This pub is in their town, and you wouldn't believe how nice it is in this random rural town, but it is incredibly beautiful.

me and my mom's godson

the second day we took a little trip to a port town near them called Kirkcudbright the town was adorable and a real Scottish town ​​

The joke was that I had gone "native." while in Kirkcudbright we got some chips as well and we needed to try Irn Bru which is the favorite drink of Scotland, in fact, its the only country where Coke is sold and yet is outsold by a different soft drink.

rural scotland is the real thing if you ever get a chance to be its lovely place to be.

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