Family weekend in London

It's finally here I've been planning for months, and my family finally came and saw London. Both my parents have been to London and visited me once a year since I started for short trips while my sister Ali visited me once when she was studying in Rome and this past year for Thanksgiving. But my older sisters hadn't had the chance to come and see me with work and family. Though they had both been, my oldest studied at Oxford in college 17 years ago while my other sister had been with us in 1997 and a few more times throughout the years including back in 2012 setting up offices for her old company. But this was my chance to show them my London, my favourite restaurants, shops and walks.

Friday 30th of June

Mom and dad fly in from Utah while the older two flew Wednesday to Paris and spent two days in Paris.

2:00- I arranged a car to pick them up and meet me at work.

3:30 Grosvenor Square hotel- we are all staying at the Grosvenor Marriott as its pour favourite in London it has a great location and rooms.

Bond Street- once we check in we make quick use of the hotel's location and go to Bond Street to the shops. Europe has two sale seasons one in January after Christmas, and the other is the end of June beginning of July.

Dinner at Inamo- my friend from work had really wanted to go here because they have really cool interactive projected on the tables but she ended up being sick and didn't join us. Meanwhile, my sisters were taking the train over from Paris. The restaurant is Japanese, we did the tasting menu, and it did not disappoint.

Shows- I booked two plays Book of Mormon and Annie (with Miranda heart as ms. Hanagan) both were great. Mom and I had already seen Book of Mormon.

Saturday, July 1st

Duke of York Square Food market- my oldest sisters, love food and my favourite food market. It's a lot smaller than Spitalfields or borough market and is only on Saturday, but it has some fantastic food lots of cheese and every country food from empanadas to crepes to oysters. This might have been my sisters favourite part of the trip.

King Road- after breakfast, we walked around Kings Road (where Duke of York Square is). Going into stores like L.K Bennet and &other stories. And then walking Sloan Street (the high-end street that connects Chelsea / Kings Road)

Wallace Collection- for lunch we took an uber to the Wallace collection a beautiful house that has an amazing collection of artefacts including the painting L'Escarpolette which is seen in frozen. As well as an impressive armour collection so it's perfect for kids. While the centre is beautiful atrium restaurant. The food is either a tea menu or a pretty minimal a la Carte restaurant but what we did order was fantastic. The chocolate mouse was like air.

London eye- for 5:30 I had arranged a champagne experience which I thought was individual capsules but wasn't, but still really fun. It's different from the normal or fast pass experience for starts you get to skip even the fast track line, but the people are also really fun because they came for the experience it seemed like people are not elbowing each other for the top spots and are more cordial.

Delfinos- finally for dinner the hotel recommended going to an Italian restaurant on Mount Street which is across from the Jenny Packham boutique, and I had actually heard them recommend it to some people before. The food was pretty good and we really enjoyed ourselves. (We had planned to go on a Sherlock/jack the ripper tour, but it was too much after one sister had just flown in and another is diabetic and the long day wasn't good for her sugar levels).

July 2nd

Balans Soho society- for breakfast Sunday we went to one of my favourite restaurants in Kensington It's kind of American/British food, but they have dishes like lobster eggs Benedict and pancakes. As well as a really cool decor.

Kensington- after breakfast we walked around Kensington I showed the family my school, and then we walked Kensington Palace Road then down through Hyde Park and ended up in Knightsbridge.

Mandarin Oriental- after all that walking we were ready to sit down, so we had a drink at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge then once the restaurant opened we had som small plates.

Harrods- did I mention the sales as Harrods says there's only one sale and it may be true because there's amazing after spending plenty of time in toys (it's just as fun for adults as for kids) then being beckoned to shoe heaven (that's what it's actually called) and finishing in the sports section (where we wirdly bought the most) it was time to run.

V&A - this maybe one of my favourite museums with all the different aspects. We had set up a tour it was pretty good the guy was very educational, but it was a little long we had to cut it short, but since it was just us he didn't mind.

C London- for dinner we went to one of my favourites I've said before, and I'll say it again it's my favourite and having ten of us there was so much fun. Once again note the cake we had eight slices.

July 3rd

The plan- we planned to take a boat from Westminster to Richmond drive from Richmond and uber from Richmond to Wimbledon and cue for ground tickets.

Westminster pier- it turned out the boats aren't just like every hour as I thought they didn't start till 11.

Wimbledon- alternatively we grabbed the district line right there to Wimbledon and went to que. We walked over to the ques; my family had insisted they wanted to do this I told them it would be 3-4 hours but they insisted they wanted to do it in the planning of the trip. When we arrived and saw the line and got the full scoop (basically what I had predicted)

Richmond- we ended up going to Richmond and went for breakfast at bills (a cut little chain with farm fresh food). Then I showed them my school.

franco manca- my oldest sisters, end up taking the train back to Paris and after hanging at the hotel. For dinner, we went to my favourite pizzeria, and it did not disappoint.

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