Basquing in food, family, and sun

Tuesday, July 4th

Happy 4th of July

​The morning of the 4th we flew from Heathrow to Bilbao Spain

Guggenheim- since we were flying into Bilbao I insisted on seeing the Guggenheim there it is a beautiful building by Frank Gerry.

Lunch- we eat at a small mom and pop shop in the city before leaving.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe- there's a beautiful church on the cliffs that you can hike to in this little town. We drove with the intention of going here but after walking the around the restaurant and taking in the views. We decided that we wouldn't walk down to the church but it was still well worth it because the views were incredible.

finally we drove to our hotel for the night the hotel Londres in San Sebastián.

San Sebastián- The city is a cute little city on the coast with a long stretch of beach. Though the beaches were packed and the hotel was right there on the beach which was amazing, it's a little run down for a luxury hotel, and there's little to no service when you arrive for bags and car. But they had the coolest idea for a shop instead of having a shop they had a variety of little booths with local shops set up in their ballroom.

Akelarre- the trip was all about food and the beach. Akelarre is 3-star Micheline star restaurant the place is beautiful from the food to the restaurant decor and views. As you would suspect it cost about €200 a person the dinner is a full experience though we saw lots of the famous chef and we arrived at 9 and didn't leave until midnight.

Wednesday, July 5th

​Walking around- in the morning we woke and wanted to see more of the city, so we walked around the shops and stuff. We found the mall and the Zara which was having its annual sale, and I had heard how cheap and great Zara was in Spain and it really was.

Alameda- our second big meal was a lunch. Another Micheline star restaurant set in a small town near San Sabastian. The town is an ancient city with a wall around. The restaurant food is all you would expect from a Michelin star restaurant including beautiful plates and the outdoor dining is just perfect.

HOTEL PARC VICTORIA - our second night was in Saint Jean de Luz. The hotel is tucked in the trees, and it's themed the 1920s with the properties many guest houses on the property. But they weren't to our standards a little kitschy for our taste, but the property was gorgeous

Saint Jean de Luz- the hotel seems tucked away in the mountains, but when we went out for a walk we discovered it wasn't far from a beautiful beach that was way less crowded than San Sebastián and the town is just adorable sitting in the French Spanish border and is a perfect example of the Basque Country.

Thursday, July 6th