Day trip to Moab

Since I came home after my internship ended my mom and me have been planning some mini trips to go and see some of the places that are so close to us, but I had never been to. The first trip was to Moab to see the arches and go to skydiving.

Friday 21st

7:30 leave park city

11:30 Arrive in Moab- since it was a last minute trip we didn't have a lot of choices for hotels my mom decided on the Bowen motel. The rooms were pretty nice, but the check in lady was really rude she clearly had rooms available but wouldn't let us check in early and everything we asked she was nasty in answering. We should have gone for the Marriott for $50 more a night its right at the mouth of Moab almost across from arches and right on the river.

12:00 lunch- we eat at Zacs for lunch, the food wasn't great just really bland pizza.

1:00 Canyon lands national park- there are two parks in Moab the most known is Arches, but the other is canyon lands over looks over all the canyons go figure.

3:00 we were finally able to check in

5:00 Arches- we wanted to see arches at the end of the day with a softer light. it got even better because there was a storm rolling through.

the most famous arch is delicate arch which you can hike see from a viewpoint. unfortunately the viewpoint was rained out.

6:00 boat trip- At lunch, we had called about a dinner cruise. After seeing the storm clouds blow through and the lighting we thought it wasn't going to be a great cruise. We stopped by and asked if we could get a refund for the weather, and they were nice enough to do so. We also realized it was just going to be dinner at fold up tables in a multi purpose room.

7:00 dinner at Fiesta Mexicana- after figuring out that we weren't going on the cruise, we decided to walk down the main street after parking at the motel. The number 1 Mexican restaurant is Miguel's Baja Grill, but there was a wait, so we walked down to the end of the street to Fiesta Mexicana. The food was good, not great but it was fast, and the people were so nice.

Saturday 22nd

8:00 Skydiving- we had looked into going skydiving, and I had actually found a Groupon skydive for Moab, and so my mom called, and they told us they would rather we didn't buy the Groupon and instead they would match the price. We arrived a little early though they said we didn't need to arrive until the start time of 8:00. They had us watch a video, fill forms out, pay for everything including video packages (we did the full package of them taking a video of us from a separate videographer/ photographer), and then there was a long bit of waiting. The rain the night before was troubling because the landing spot was muddy as well they had three full loads of plans before us with the people at 7:00 slot, but we were in the air by 10:30 and on the road by 11:30.

12:00 LUNCH- he skydiving is at the airport about 17 miles out of town, and we were heading back to Park City at in the direction away from the town, and there isn't another town for 100 miles. So we knew we wanted to get food before we left. The closest place was Moab Giants. This place with these statues of giants but we saw they had a restaurant so we thought why not they might only have scones but we needed something to sustain us until we made it to a town. They end up having some real food I had a burger and mom had a Caprese sandwich.

More photos from skydiving

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