a birthday fit for a Queen: a day at disneyland

My sisters birthday is July 30th, so I flew out Friday morning from Charlotte visiting my niece and nephews.My sister lives in Santa Monica, so I visited her at work, and then we were able to drive out to Anaheim.

We're obsessed with Disneyland (not as much as some people but obsess nonetheless.) growing up so close we started going when we were five and then took some trips around 8 and 10 for my sister's graduations. And then around 11 we started going all the time when we played volleyball and had terminated right there and had so-cal season pass which is cheaper than two days at the park ( but has lots of black out days). There after we would go every once and awhile and end up get passes because it was just was such a good deal. Between all our trips to Disneyland and our obsession with looking up information learning more tricks (people says there's a secret to everything some seem legit some not so much).

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top 5 rides disney california

1) radiator springs racer

2) Guardians of the Galaxy

3) Indiana Jones

4) Matterhorn

5) space mountain

7:50 leave hotel for Disneyland

8:10 arrive at Disneyland

⁃ I had purchased tickets online with my Disney account which meant you could just pull the barcode up and go through the gates who automatically print your ticket off and take a picture for records and have you sign.

- With it being the middle of the summer and my sister having a job, (so it's impossible to go on

weekends when days aren't blacked out) we didn't buy Season passes. The second cheaper option is

to look up on eBay tickets but deciding to go pretty last minute we weren't able to find any tickets (the

eBay tickets usually just get emailed to you and then you can redeem them at the office). The third option is Costco as they also have good rates!

-Disney now has a feature where if you pay $10 a person you can choose fast tracks once you enter the park on your phone, rather than going to each ride and picking them up. This is why I wanted to get to the park early because I figured we could always turn back and go to the hotel and still plan fast tracks but to start we had to go through the gates. We also had never been in the middle of summer so we're apprehensive how crowded it would be and thought the best plan was just to get there and see.

- Disneyland is more kids, and California adventures is more of older kids. Hence Disneyland fills up first. California adventure was pretty empty first thing)

8:20 go on new guardians of the galaxy

⁃ We decided that since guardians is the hit new ride that we should start with it. The rides is converted from the Hollywood tower and is pretty similar. It's still an elevator ride that drops but instead of one huge drop it continuously falls again and again and lots more times. The rides also have incredible detail as it's the collector's museum, so you see all these details from guardians as well as other movies.

⁃ we got our first fast track for Radiator Springs Racers while waiting in lines.

we stopped and go a bread in the shape of groot for breakfast.

8:40- Soarin Over the World (it used to be soarin over California, but they recently updated and changed it. Sad since we loved the old one and it's now the exact same as the Epcot ride. The old ride took you over the highlights of California while the new one is the highlights of the world. Egypt, Australia, Paris, China etc,

9:00 Luigi's Tires- we had so time before cars, so we went to Luigi's which is a funny ride basically doing a dance then we decided to go to soarings there so me a 10-minute ride before going to

9:10- Radiator Springs Racers was closed so when our fast track began, so our ticket became unlimited fast tracks, which meant we could use it anywhere in California adventure land at any time (except on guardians).

- We saw people with a cone of mac and cheese and just had to find it. They turned out to be in one of the cozy cones, and they were so good.

- We also picked up world of colors FastTracks the night show at California adventures is world of colors to get inside the ropes you have to pick up fast tracks at a kiosk (you can stand outside of ropes and still see but aren't guaranteed). The best thing is to pick up first thing to get the best area.

9:20-jungle cruise

-we got tickets for Indian for 9:40 so we looked for rides for filler time.

⁃this is a stupid ride with punny jokes looking at fake animals, but it was a quick line and a relaxing boat ride.

9:30- Pirates of the Caribbean had a 10-minute wait.

- The thing to do after you have a fast pass is just looking for rides with short lines (or stagger your fast passes). though I do think it's fun going on just rides based on line time because you go on ones you've never heard of or you get out of the flow of going on the same rides and rediscover old favorites.

9:40 Indian Jones - they just updated the ride, and it was good there were so lovely new parts, but there seemed to be less Indie which was a shame

10:00- Beignet's and mint juleps - This is something people always are talking about, and we had never tried, so it was on our list. They were good, and I liked the drinks but not the end all be all. But a perfect place to sit down in the shade. They're at the mint julep bar at the end of New Orleans a little before hunted mansion. - While eating, we got out space mountain fast track tickets. Space mountain is the mother of all fast tracks the lines average at 60 minutes and can be awful standing on the cement roof in the blazing sun. But fast track goes quickly, so they are usually 2 to 3 hours out.

10:30- Big thunder mountain -a favorite of my sister's and its been closed for a few years and there was a short line.

11:30- Mr todds wild ride- another childish ride but had like no line and we had time to waste

12:00- buzz Lightyear Astro blaster - This is fun it's not top 5 fun but fun as you get to compete. The line can be long, but it's in the shade so a lot better than other areas.

12:40-haunted mansion - another fun but not top 5 fun, one and we had to waste time. - waiting in line we got passes for Big grizzly mountain in California adventure.

1:30- Matterhorn - space mountain was closed when we got out of the haunted mansion, so we got another unlimited fast track that we decided to use it on Matterhorn. - the Matterhorn had been closed, and we weren't able to get fast passes earlier and it's definitely top 5 (it's my dads favorite growing up his mom would drop him off at Disneyland, and he would go again and again when they lived in Calabasas) they also just updated it a bit with a new big foot and Bobsleds.

2:00 big grizzly mountain

- Definitely a favorite but be careful with timing as you get wet, so we like to time it for right before our day break. On that note, on hot days it gets long lines, but once the sun goes down, there's no one on the ride so if you don't mind it's a good time.

2:30 - bought tickets for wonder women - got tickets space mountain which worked out perfectly because the time frame was sandwiched right between the end of the movie

- We took the mono rail back into Disneyland from downtown. we couldn’t decide what to do but since the monorail is right outside the theater and it drops into Disney. They had just redone it and it's really great to ride because it takes you around Disneyland and even over the backside. We had less time than we thought so we just end up walking back to the theater, but it was worth it taking the monorail was fun.

3:40- wonder women

5:50- space mountain

6:30 dinner at paradise pier - on the boardwalk, there's a bakery where you get a sample of sourdough and look at its production.

- Walking back the movie we got guardians fast tracks but had time before they started and then world of colors started we wanted to use our fast tracks on cars. But first dinner.

- paradise pier has lots of restaurants we went to the Mexican restaurant it didn’t look very nice but end up being pretty good with these amazing churro chips.

7:15 cars radiator springs - our favorite

7:50 guardians of the galaxy

- we couldn’t resist going again but our fast track had net start we thought mine as well wait in lines since we couldn’t think of anything we would rather be doing and it would be the same time we would get off if we go time the 50 min line or waited the 40 minutes till our fast track started. We end up going through even faster and were done before the fast track started.

8:30 world of color - World of colors is an amazing show where they create a beautiful show by projecting scenes on the fountains and creates this real multi dimensional experience and is the perfect end of a day. As I said before there's many areas to see it from ariels grotto, dessert bar, fast tracks and public space around the pier. our first spot was close but not great, so we started leaving and realize as we walked away there different spaces we could be instead that were still in our fast track section.

9:30 exit Disneyland

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