Yellow Stone

Growing up I lived in Utah and it's so close to a lot of the national parks but weirdly enough we never went because they were so close, so it never felt like a priority but now that I live away particularly in Europe it seems like such a waste that I was so close and never went so these past few years I've made an effort to go and see these places. I mentioned it to my sister, and she wanted to do it too so we planned to do it over the weekend so she could meet up with us and figured she could fly in somewhere along the root up, so we found that Idaho Falls was the cheapest and best choice.

Friday 4th

​4:00 we drove from park city to Idaho Falls

6:00 my sister was flying in at 8, so we had some time to burn we went to the mall and got our nails done.

8:00 Ali's flight came in we met her at the tiny airport and drove out to wet Yellowstone.

10:30 we had a hotel in West Yellowstone called the white buffalo it was okay thin walls, and all that and the beds were hard, but the rooms were huge and clean.

Saturday 5th

7:00- head into the park

8:00- the priority was seeing Old Faithful, so that was our first stop just an hour drive from West Yellowstone. We wanted to make sure we saw it and to go before it got crowded. We looked into the finding, but they can't predict the next geyser until the last one has gone off but it very frond 30 minutes to 2 hours. Since the longest, we would wait was 2 hours we head over as there are a few things around the geyser. Gift shop, information center, hotel, canteen. My mom got a full plan of attack at the information center from a park ranger.

8:45 the geyser went off almost exactly at the time they said it would be.

9:00- the loop - Yellowstone Lake

9:30- mud volcano- one of my favorite spots was the dragon's breath a cave that randomly spits out smoke

10:00- Hayden Valley- known as a great place to see animals. And we actually had to stop because there was a buffalo in the road.

10:15- lower falls- an amazing spot where you can see two sets of falls a friend they were a must see and they weren't wrong they were Pretty cool.

10:30-lower Gieser basin- we did the whole looped and then backtrack to leave via the South Gate and to go back to the spots we bypassed on the way to old faithful. The basin has a boardwalk walk you can take around to see some of the pools.

We meant to go to midway geyser (as it's the colorful pool from all the photos ) but after seeing the others, we didn't need to stop again to see another geyser.

1:30- lunch in Jackson- we drove out the gates and down to Jackson. I had been to Jackson on a class trip but not really look around so I didn't realize how cowboy themed it was but we grabbed lunch at silver lake bar.

7:00- home in park city- we decided to drive through since we saw so much so early

Sunday 5th

Gay men's choir- one of my favorite things is going to a concert at Deer Valley sitting in the mountains and people just doing their own thing it's really different from most shows. The San Francisco gay men's choir was just a fun songs, they sang emotional songs and some fun songs and a little bit everything gay men love.


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