antelope canyon and other southwest sites

I had heard of antelope canyon on Instagram and its something relatively close to my place in Utah, so my mom and I thought we would go. After doing some research, We found out you have to make an appointment because it's on the Navajo reservation so we looked into the possibility of going as you have to make reservations.

Sunday 27th

we headed out Sunday morning as we got a reservation Monday morning.

the drive from park city is about 6 hours.

Marriott- as always we stayed at a Marriott, and it was in the perfect location just between the city and the lake set right into the red rocks.

Lake Powell- we did probably the opposite of what everybody else dose we had heard about the canyon but hadn’t made the connection to lake Powell when we realized we would be in the area we thought we would explore and found a tour boat. Theres not many but the one we took is around 5 pm and takes 2 hours and gives you a really great idea of the lake with a little commentary.

Monday 28th

Antelope canyon- we got a tour time at 7 am with antelope canyon tours, there are a few companies. You meet at the location in Page, AZ they take a truck full of cars out and stay in groups while walking through the canyon. The tour guide was excellent a native American from the tribe she had been guiding for 16 years and new all the secrets particularly how to take amazing photos inside the canyon.

Las Vegas- the drive from Antelope Canyon is about 4 hours. We said at the Las Vegas Renaissance which isn’t on the strip but we kind of like being away from the craze of las Vegas.

Zappos- I’ve been working on my dissertation on fashion and had read the book delivering happiness, and he talked about how the company gave tours of the building so I thought we would check out the company. Its a pretty impressive company and the company has some cool ideas I think the books worth reading the tour is kind of limiting as its really just a sample room of the whole company.

Outlets- the last part of the trip was to stop by the outlets as we had gotten some great buys there in the past.

Tuesday 29th

Valley of fire- we drove back first thing Tuesday morning. On the way out we decided to stop at a site on the outskirts of Vegas that I had read about. It's pretty cool the contrast of the red stone against the white of everything else. It's also straightforward just a 30-minute drive in and out with everything easy to get to.

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