As my time in Europe is coming to an end quicker than I may like, sadly I didn’t fall in love with a Brit and marrying him nor is it likely I will find a job here. So with that thought in mind, I must visit all the places I’ve wanted to see forever (or at least some.) first stop Stockholm.

Friday, September 29th

- I caught a plane from Stanstead Friday morning- which I’ve decided I will never do for two reasons: 1) Stanstead is so far it cost more than you could ever save 2) I tried to save money flying Friday morning flying in rather than paying for a room for the first night and instead I was exhausted and had no desire to leave my hotel after getting to it.

- I flew into NYO which is way farther out then the other airport ARN again I should have looked it up because it cost me £100 (1000 sek) to cab it in I could have taken a bus but had no desire to take more time then it needed to.

​ - Courtyard Marriott- I stayed at the only Marriott that happed to be a courtyard because I got a crazy good rate on it. But it was far from town there was nothing touristy around. It’s only 1.7 miles from city center so walkable but not easy walk back and forth and goes exploring. In the end, I don’t know if it was worth it for a great deal but the hotel was nice and all.

- Once I got to the hotel I end up just napping after waking up at 4:30 am for my flight, but I did go out for an hour and see what was around like I said there wasn’t a lot, but there were shops and stuff it’s more where the Swedes actually live, and it’s right off the main road.

September 30th

-when I woke up, I told myself I had to get going right away since I had been so lazy the day before - first, stop Starbucks I find putting in Starbucks as a destination normally gets me to the town center. And it did! And I need one to start off the day

- Second, stop cheesy double-decker tourist bus I find these are the best for getting an idea of the city and take no planning. I looked up on my phone where they start, and it said the opera house, so I had no trouble finding it. My cab driver from the airport told me to make sure to take a boat ride around the city, so I bought the combo for £10 more.

- I mainly like to just ride the hop on and off buses, but it’s also great if you have someplace you want to go because you can use it as a taxi and just get it to where you want to go in the city since they hit up all the main attractions anyway. I got off first at the Vasa Museum (my tutor said to make sure to check it out) this was well worth it. It’s amazing the story of it being preserved after being pulled out of the water after 400 years. And it just amazes the size the whole museum is desecrated to this one ship, and it’s just amazing.

I also checked out the Viking museum since it was right there, but it wasn’t anything special.

- once I got back onto the bus I road it around the rest of the route till the last stop “the palace” I walked from the stop across the street to where the boat starts at.

- The boat is like the bus it makes stops and you can get on and off but there mainly the same as the bus but it is nice to get out on the boat and see Stockholm from a different angle. There are other boats that are probably better that are more like 2 hrs and go throughout the city, not just the center area. But I had already bought the ticket for the hop on hop off.

- I got off at the last stop thats in old town wanting to make sure I saw old town. I walked up it's a lot of the tourist shops and stuff but its also buildings in that classic Stockholm architecture.

- the last thing I wanted to do was walk around central and go to the shops ( I had to see at least one of H&M)

Sunday, October 1st

I woke up walked to town for a Starbucks and then checked out I decided to just uber it to the airport since nothing was open before i had to go anyways.


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