36 hours in Paris

I really wanted to see Christian Dior Couturier du Reve exhibit in Paris at Les Arts Decoratifs and since I was going to do that I thought I should finally go up the Eiffel Tower, I have so much to do and see this semester that I didn’t know ifs should spend time and money on a weekend in Paris so I thought I would just do it in a very long day head over early in the morning and back late in the day. But a few days before I talked to my mom and she convinced me to see how much it would cost to do a night and change one ticket. And I found a great deal at a Marriott, and it wasn’t much to go back Saturday night.

Friday 13th

5:40- I took the Eurostar over from London, the train ends up being faster (because of time spent getting to the airport, and security and everything) but it’s usually more expensive, but if you book in advance it can be not that different in prices.

9:15- arrive in Paris (remover Paris is an hour ahead) I debated going to the hotel and dropping my bag off at my hotel or just go straight to Disneyland and leave my bag with concierge I decided just to go straight there.

10:15- Disneyland- the train takes about an hour with just one change, and the train station is literally right at the entrance.

10:30 bag drop- the bag drop was easy enough if you have an idea of where it is but the line took some time it’s on the side of the hotel and look for signs for concierge. It’s cost between €5-10.

10:45- Disneyland- I purchased tickets online (which is easy and the lines are enormous) they only cost £49 on a cheap day for both parks.

Disneyland- I walked around Disneyland very indecisive what rides I wanted to go on (make sure to download the app) and but I was starving, so a crepe was the first order of business. I end up just going on the star wars hyperspace mountain. Which was so fun.

Disney studios - I didn’t know really anything about Hollywood stoops beside looking a bit at the rides on the app, so when I walked into the studio I was amazed at how cool it looked.

Toy soldiers parachute drop- I had seen this on the app and thought it looked fun. It was pretty fun not amazing but a nice ride with beautiful views of the park. I thought about going on Hollywood tower of terror and crushes coaster, but after standing in-line a bit I just decided I was tired and rather get back to the hotel.

Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel- the hotel was straightforward to get on the metro I just took one line straight there and a 10-minute walk. I got a great rate on the hotel, and it’s gorgeous, and I had a fantastic view from my room of the opera house and the Eiffel Tower (I think it was the first time I had a room with a view of the Eiffel Tower). The Location is also fantastic with the Lafayette and shops one way and all the restaurants another way.

Saturday 14th

9:00 Walk- I walked from my hotel to the Eiffel Tower it was just 2 miles and a beautiful walk.

10:00 Eiffel Tower- when I got to the tower there’s now so much security you have to go through security just to get in the area around the base, and then I waited in line for 2 hours to buy tickets, but luckily that leads straight into the line for the elevator.

12:00- I finally bade it to the top (well 3/4 to the top I had only bought the ticket to that floor my mistake)

12:30- Dior exhibit my last stop was the Dior exhibit I took a Uber over even though it’s not far. I expected to get there go in and see the exhibit. Instead, I got there stood in line for 2 hours then got in. Although I did skip one line once inside the museum I noticed a machine while waiting in the last line for tickets that no one was going to and asked if I can buy there instead and was told I could so I jumped the short 10-minute line and finally got in.

2:15- the exhibit- The wait was long and more than once I thought to abandon it but when I finally got in it was well worth. The size alone let alone the display it was all amazing, and it just kept going on and on, and when you get to the end, they tell you there’s another half across the hall that’s just amazing. It was well worth it and the exhibits all of €11 and if you buy online it will only be no more than a half hour wait.

3:00- I thought I had plenty of time initially but between the exhibit length and the line time.I had wanted to go shopping at Lafayette, and or to Lourve. I just headed back to my hotel and picked up my bag and head to the train station (you need some time at the train station because you do have to go through customs and security going to the UK.

6:30 home

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