Last Week of adventure

As of yesterday, I have less than a week left in London and my time in London will end my easy European adventures. With all my essays turned in, just one straightforward final to do, and my classes canceled for the week, I had some time to do what I wanted which ended up being a few different things.

Firstly, my friend had been planning to come and visit me, and do one last trip to Harry Potter studios and hotel.

Sunday, December 3rd

My Old Dutch- my friend, arrived Saturday night from Edinburgh, and in the morning we headed to breakfast at a place off high street Kensington. The restaurant takes sweet breakfast to a new level similarly to Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands they have waffles, pancakes, crepes and more just covered in sweets.

British library- keeping up with all thing Harry Potter our first stop was to the Harry Potter exhibition at the British Library. The exhibit is on till the end of February. The exhibit explores the historical myth legends and literature that JK Rowling used to inspire many elements in her text. Including hypogryth, sorceress stone, and many more. The BBC did a documentary on the exhibition.

Shops- from the library we headed south visiting the Wellcome Museum and then we ended up going to Primark which has a whole Harry Potter section.

Chipotle- on our way to the tube station we came across chipotle and my friend had never been so I made sure we went.

Georgian hotel- if you're as big of a Harry Potter dork as I am, you will have heard of a hotel in London that is Harry Potter themed. My friend and I had been trying to a book a room there for the last 3 years and finally were able to get a room on Friday the 1st and then my friend couldn’t come up till Saturday we changed the room but like I said it is impossible to get a room so they only had a bigger room available so I invited a friend. Everything about the room was themed it’s kind of interesting because they are basement rooms and they’ve just collected really cool bits and ends to make them seem hp. When you come down the stairs the first time they have the theme music from the films and they even have all eight movies available to watch in your room.

Christmas market- we took an Uber from my flat to the hotel. The hotel is located just next to Victoria station the Uber driver had to drop us off early because of a Christmas market so after we settled into the hotel we headed back to Elizabeth street. The famous Peggy Porschen cakes is there too. By the time we came back, the Christmas fair was being taken down, but we still got some mulled wine and looked around a bit.

Walk- we had some time and energy, so we walked and ended up at Sloan square before walking back.

Drinks- my friends best friend was hanging in the area, so we ended up having drinks at the station with her before dinner.

Sicily Restaurant- for dinner we found a cute little Italian restaurant that was pretty good near the station.

Monday 4th

Breakfast- the magic of the room really sunk in as I went to bed with the faux stain glass window and the curtains pulled around me snuggled in. In the morning we had been told there was an included themed breakfast which I didn’t have high expectations for but it was amazing while my friends went with the full English breakfast while I got toffee dukes pancakes which were really just crepes with caramel, banana and gingerbread cookies tied inside and they were delicious as well as adorable.

The hp studios- after hanging at the hotel for a bit before check out and hanging at my flat we then took an Uber out to the studios which wasn’t too bad just about £57 and 45 minutes much faster than the bus or train. We had a 2:00 entrance but they were happy to let us in around 1:00 which was great because I had a flight to catch and my friend still had a 4-hour train ride that she wanted to get on as early as possible. The studio just like the last two times was amazing since the first time I had gone they had added a platform 9 3/4 as well since last time they had added the Forbidden Forest. The set makers from the films also came back last month to reassemble the set from the Yule Ball in the Great Hall.

Flight- finally that evening I had my flight from Gatwick to Berlin. I took an Uber which took forever leaving at 4 and cost like £100.

Ritz Carlton- I had been going to Berlin for a while heading out Wednesday night and back Saturday but then my second and only other class was canceled which meant I had no class this week so decided to move up my trip. I decided to head to Berlin first when I was able to get an awesome rate at the Ritz Carlton.(since Marriott owns them, and I get a great rate at Marriott’s) So Monday night I flew in and after taking a taxi in. I arrived at the hotel and was told they had upgraded me to a junior suite. (Not to mention the cookies at check in) the room was amazing everything about it was amazing.

Tuesday 5th

Starbucks- in the morning I as always headed to Starbucks although as I was so central, there was like three within a block from me. After a Starbucks, I just started walking down the street and up to the Jewish memorial and then Pariser Platz.

Hop on hop off- walking down the Pariser Platz I found a store that sold tickets for the hop on hop off tour I bought a ticket and was given directions to the best stop which is next to Pariser Platz. Taking the bus around I saw the city.