A London Finish

as I’ve said this was my last week in London so to help me with the move back to the states and the transition my mom flew out to be with me and enjoy Christmas in London with me.

Wednesday 13th

Fly in- my mom flew in Wednesday afternoon. I had her take an uber to my flat, but I had my final final at the same time as she was arriving so I had my friend meet her and then I came back and met her when I was done.

walk to Kensington- my final wasn’t let out until 4:30 so we didn’t have a lot of time after and since its London in December the sun had set, so we weren’t able to go to the Brompton cemetery (which closes at dusk) instead we walked from my flat to Kensington high street to go shopping.

Duck and waffles- for dinner I had made reservations at duck and waffles one of the hottest restaurants in London. The restaurant is open 24/7, but if you don’t want to eat at 3 in the morning, it takes getting reservations two months in advance when reservations. The food was terrific simple but still creative. But best of all were the views sitting 42 flights up you can see so much.

Thursday 14th

Getting to the outlets- Thursday morning we planned to go to the Bicester Village outlet malls, and we wanted to be their first thing, so we took the tube from Earls court to Marylebone/ Edgeware-road and then walked to Marylebone station then taking the train going to Oxford that stopped at Bicester Village. The whole thing took about an hour and a half. We used our Oyster cards to get on the train, but after arriving it turned out they weren’t valid, so we had to buy tickets because it was too far out of the city.

Outlets- when we arrived at the station the stores were just a quick walk down a path. The shops were pretty impressive they had some of the best brands Stella McCartney, Alexander Mcqueen, Gucci, and many more. But as we have the Cabazon outlets that has almost all the same brands I think we were a little less impressed because comparable the prices weren’t ass good.

Home- after the outlets, we headed home but after waiting a while for the train decided just to take an uber in which took about an hour and 45 minutes. After we end up hanging out at my flat for a while.

St. Katherine's docks-I wanted to take my mom to the tower because I wanted to see if we could go ice skating but first we were starving so I thought of St. Katherines dock and the restaurants around it.

tower bridge- since we were near tower hill I thought we should go above the tower bridge and walk on the glass floor.

Tower of London- we walked around the tower of London a bit but decided not to go ice-skating although it looked cool.

Somerset House- from the tower bridge we walked over to Somerset house since we had tickets for 5:30 but since it was still too early and we had more to do we end up just walking through the F&M shops and looking around the rink.

Claridges- after somerset house we took an uber to Claridges and saw the Christmas decorations and had a drink in the bar.

Winter wonderland- I had debated taking my mom here, but my mom had seen it when we had been driving by the day before and wanted to go so after Claridges we walked to the fair. The line to get in was a lot, but once we got in, it was fun I had been once before, and it's pretty cheesy and all but its something fun just to see whats going on. Though there are rides, you can pay to go on. My mom had never had mulled wine, and so we got her some, and she loved it.

harrods- the last stop of the night was to go to Harrods since it was right there and I was dying to show my mom the spectacular Dolce Gabbana had put on.

friday 15th

my last full day

Balans Soho Society- for breakfast we met with my friend and went to one of my mom's favorite restraints we had been to (because they make eggs Benedict with lobster).

Workout- I had arranged for my mom and me to workout together. Unfortunately, my mom refused to workout with me. So instead I just had my last session by myself.

Bob Bob Ricard- after working out we took an Uber to Bob Bob Ricard where I had made lunch reservations. Another famous restaurant I've seen around notable for their press for a champagne button and the melting chocolate ball. The whole restaurant was fantastic the food was excellent the desert yum!!!

shops- Bob Bob Ricard is right below Carnaby street so we walked through Carnaby Street and then up to Oxford street to prim mark because my mom had never been and I thought she would like it, but she was fading fast.

home- after the shops, my mom was toast, so we went back to my flat and rested instead of finishing the shops.

more shops- by the time we headed out again but Friday night on Oxford street is not something you want to see so we walked to Kensington high street and then realized we wanted more shops so instead we took the tube to Sloan Square and checked out there instead.

Albert hall- we had tickets (or thought we did) so we took the tube to South Kensington. we picked up our tickets and made it to our seats before realizing that our tickets were for a different night so we decided to leave and head home to try on our purchases

Saturday 16th

head home- after 3 and half years in London I packed my bags and left London.

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