Disney Marathon 25 years of 26.2 magical miles

Last January I did my first ever marathon and before we even finished my sister was already talking about doing it again next year, and I thought she was crazy but somehow come August, I saw myself paying for a Disney package for the marathon. I started training this year taking it really seriously not only did I do 20,000 steps a day I also worked out with a trainer in London at equinox from September till I left in December.

Two days after I got home I got sick I was throwing up and everything so I was down for the count for three days after and then it was Christmas and the new years so I had no time to workout but then we worked out a bit but then it was the week leading up to the race so we couldn't do much and my mom got even sicker than I was new years eve. Honestly Friday I thought we weren't going to do the race at all after everything but Saturday we decided to rally.

Thursday 4th

9:00-my mom and I drove into LA starting a long day at this point my mom was still sick.

10:00- stop at Cabazon outlets (I mean it's on the way)

12:00 make it into LA

1:00- shop and walk around rodeo

3:00- neimans for pop-over

4:00- walk around century city mall to kill time

6:30- dinner at Hinoki and the bird- my mom had invited one of her best friends daughters to dinner down the street from my sisters work. The restaurant is cool hip trendy (the entire shahs of sunset cast was behind us).

11:00- fly out from LAX to Orlando

Friday 5th

6:00- after flying/ sleeping for 4 hours we made it to orlando which even our best of state would have been hard but with my mom still get over the flu it was almost impossible.

7:00-Magical express- as I mentioned we bought a whole Disney package this year (hotel+tickets+bib) as part of staying at a Disney hotel you can use their magical express to take from the airport to the hotel and they even pick up your bags for you, so you just bored the bus. But having read that it took 4 hours to get the bags we waited for one of our bags to ensure we had something.

8:30- Animal Kingdom Hotel- the bus made three stops, so it took a bit to get to the hotel and as expected our room wasn't ready so we had to wait aka find someplace we could sleep. But my mom explained to the manger how sick she was, and the manger changed our room request to a room that would be ready faster and pointed us where it was quiet.

10:00- our room was finally ready, and we went straight in to sleep!!!! (I had initially thought we would go straight to the parks oh how naive I was)

1:30- after some much needed sleep we got up and got going.

2:00 Disney springs- since we only had two days of tickets we didn't want to go to any of the parks but also didn't want to leave campus, so instead we went to Disney world's version of downtown Disney but just a lot bigger. They have Zara, Lilly Pulitzer, Starbucks, Sephora, and on and on.

3:30- Plante Hollywood- we hadn't eaten all day, so we were starving and end up going to planet Hollywood (not exactly our scene)

4:40- movie- to relax we went to see a movie at the springs

11:00- my sister flew in on a night flight so she could go to work Friday.

Saturday 6th

7:00- I set our alarm for seven so we could make it to the 7:00 magic hour at animal kingdom. When it went off no one wanted to get going.

8:30- Animal Kingdom- we actually got up and went to the animal kingdom. We wanted to go on two rides Everest and Pandora. Pandora had a 4-hour ride (that's why we had originally planned to wake at seven before it got that long) so we decided just to go see it and but we did wait in line for Everest which was so much fun.

10:00 Animal safari- we also decided to go on the animal safari which was so cool we had seen bits last year on the race, and they even brought some animals out, but it was good to see more. The hotel also backs up to this so you can see zebras and giraffes on the side of the hotel.

12:00 eat and sleep- we didn't want to tire ourselves out so we went back to the hotel to find a restaurant (nothing was open during lunch besides the cafeteria style restaurant so we decided to have room service and rest.

outfits- we also prepped for the next day by laying out everything for the race. Which we had decided to go as captain America after finding these American flag tights (that we decided not to wear).

fleeces- we got Captain America sweatshirt for $12 by chance at the disney outlet

PJ's- Also by chance we found CA PJs at target when looking for something warm to wear the week before when we realized it was going to be freezing again like last year.

shield- i was the only one who wore it but whats captain america without his shield.

Tutu- i mean we had to have a tutu that was a must and the lights made it super easy to find each other

tank- nike we also got these last minute at the outlets when my sister decided she didn't like mine.

Long sleeve- from etsy

pants- I bought these after seeing them on lulu's Instagram and they end up replacing ours because they were so soft and had so many pockets

socks- any runner would tell you to always wear compression socks. these ones are themed CA

2:00-hot tube- we wanted to make sure to relax our muscles before we headed out again.

3:30- we had fast tracks for space mountain and the seven dwarfs in the magic kingdom. When we arrived at space mountain there was a line for the fast track so we said forget it and waited around for seven dwarfs fast track to begin. so we end up getting me a pretzel and waiting in line for the worst ride ever.

5:10- seven dwarfs this is a legendary ride at Disney, but I don't get why it's good but it's not the best thing ever.

Sunday- 7th Race day

we woke up at 3:30 and got to the start early (even though they said we had to leave by 3:30).

the weather was better than the last year even though they said it was going to be freezing but it was 40 degrees so 10 degrees warmer than last year and we were more prepared with fleece PJs and fleeces.

Overall the race went well I think we stayed up with pace way better we never fell very far behind we didn’t even see the pacers until we made the big loop so we must have been 3 miles ahead of them. Partially because I think I made them run up to every mile marker not from very far about 100 meters out but still, it gave us a good push. Our time was about 6 hours and 30 minutes as we started around 6:10 and finished a bit before 12:40.

My feet were sore most of the race and I got pretty tired in around mile 16 and 22 but once we made it into the parks I was fine through my sister and mom were pretty out of it by the time we hit 24, but I think the endorphins and the excitement of being done so I pushed through. But we finished mainly because they realized it be more effort not to finish than to finish, but once we finished we had to move our stuff from the hotel to another hotel.

once we moved to the new hotel and checked in we were able to make ice baths like my trainer had suggested filling up the gear bags with ice from the ice machine and then hot tubed and finally we were able to soak in episome baths and nap.

all in all I was really sore mainly my feet that the first day I really stretched it all out that night and it felt amazing and really by morning I was fine I mean sore but walkable and not much more than after a normal days workout after a bit of a break. (although my sister who had not been training really was still in a lot of pain),

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