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I graduated college In December and its been a long few months figuring things out but after a few months staying with a friend, looking for a place and job search. Luckily, I finally found a place a, huge thanks to my mom. My friend and I decided to live together and thus we find this unit in financial district of New York. the one thing about post graduation life i was excited for was having my own place long term and getting to decorate it.

The entry way

the shelve next to our door is for keys and loose things and then we have a white board for roomate updates.

whiteboard- Target $9.99

Shelve- Amazon $47.50


the shelves make a perfect spice and drink rack

the shelves- Amazon $24.95


Im obssed with this bathmat i found at target in the kids section

Bathe mat- target $14.99

we used the same shelves as we did in the kitchen for that clean look and extra storage.

Ive been obsessed with neon sign for awhile and this one i found on gilt subs up me and my roomie, our text group used to be called the Weird one

sign-gilt $250

Living room

Barstools- amazon set of 2 $147

chair- Target $250

Bookshelf lamp- Target $42

DIY table demo to come, Amazon base here

Sofa- Way-fair $599

collage wall- target

Lamp- Target

rug-gilt $250

my room

Temporary Wallpaper -Target $29.50 (takes 4 rolls)

unicorn and swan head- target $25

headboard-DIY coming soon

side-tables- Gilt $189

new york print- Etsy $26.00

London map- Built this city

san Fransisco-etsy


Curtains-Target $29.99

Harry Potter cage- Potter Barn Teen $99

lamp- World Market (old)

Shelves- Amazon


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