over the past few years while I've been collecting postcards from my travels. at first i didn't know what i would do with them. then last year I had an idea of making a coffee table out of them so then all I had to do was wait until I had a permeant place I could have a coffee table.

What you'll need:

table- amazon

Mod poge- Amazon

brushes- amazon

the table comes flat packed so first I had to assemble to assemble the table.

Step 2 - laying out my postcards, my first idea was to make it look neat but then I decided to go with making it look like they had been scattered.

Step 3- cover postcards with mode pog using the brushes this may take several coats making sure to glue them down and them to the table and then covering them top to clear coat.

#travel #diy #crafts

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