My Heart’s Royal, simply put, means living a life full of adventure, style, creativity and goodness in such a way that your soul and heart embody royalty. The name, inspired by a childhood friend’s drawing that I really loved of a heart and crown, became something I doodled for a long time. Eventually, I added my initials (M.H.), which over time evolved into “My Heart’s Royal”. The name and the brand developed through intense conversations about how what we do in this world can make it a better place. While I always dreamed of working in the fashion industry the idea of it being a shallow industry plagued me until I realIzed how fashion can have such a positive impact on the world around us. Sourcing responsibly and inspiring people with what they can be gave my idea depth and understanding. Later on, I decided to start a blog about my ideas and what it meant to be “royal at heart.” I focused on my travels, fashion, crafts, and life in general- life according to Meghan Henderson.

A little about myself and my experience: I was born and raised in Park City, Utah as the youngest of five girls. Growing up in the beautiful Ski town of Park City, I started skiing on my second birthday and continued to be on the ski team throughout school. I then became an assistant ski instructor through high school when I came home on break from boarding school in Monterey, California. As the youngest of five girls, anything that had to do with shopping was just a part of life. My parents played a huge role in inspiring me to enter the fashion industry. My father owns a leather furniture company, and the design aspect of his company always attracted me as a creative person. My mother, on the other hand, completed Macy’s Management Training, before going on to manage and open several stores in San Francisco (and then ultimately opening her own store for 10 years on Fillmore Street before marrying my dad and moving to Park City). I went on to fashion design school at Syracuse, but after a year I knew I needed more adventure in my life, so I transferred to Richmond American University in London where I studied Fashion Management and Marketing. I got the adventure I craved while traveling through Europe on the weekends. After three and half amazing years, I graduated and came back to the US (as I'm not a British citizen and would need a Visa to stay!). Luckily, I had beautiful New York to come home to and set up life here in March of 2018, starting my fashion career and exploring my new city.

My life in pictures:

baby Meghan at my great grandmas 85th birthday party

My first trip abroad: Scotland 1997 (aunt Debbie, my babysitter Shelby, my sister Ali, my mom, me, My sisters Heather and Sam)

my first trip to Disneyland for my 5th birthday with aunt Debbie and Poppie

My sister Ali, My cousin Olivia and me in Palm Desert

Ali(5) and Me(4) skiing

Ali, our dog Maddie and me cross country skiing

Family ski weekend 2004

Me in the hospital in the hospital for Appendicitis in 2004

Ski team photo in 2007

family Christmas card 2010

Senior portrait (2012)

Boarding School: Santa Catalina college sweatshirt photoshoot (2013)

Family photo in Cabo (January 1st, 2014) (Brother-in law Brady, Sister Jessica holding her son Tommy and Sullivan in front, Sam holding the other twin charlotte, Me, Ali, Dad and Mom)

Ali's 21st birthday concert in front of the house (2014) ( Sam, Ali, Me, Jessica, Heather)

Sullivan's ski trip (2013) (Me, Jess,

sam, ali)

Marathon with my mom and Ali (2017)

family trip to London for my graduation (2017) (Dad, Jessica, Samantha, Mom, Ali, and me)


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