Renting and dorm Decor tips

all put up with command velcro and few with command


1. Command hooks and velcro: This is the king product of renting and dorms. I had a friend buy a bunch for her sister and said “wait till you get to college you are going to be thanking me” I also feel like I spend so much on these because I’m continually redecorating and hang more things and needing hooks here and there.

^V Same shopping bags

^same closet system V

2. Use what you have: If you watch home renovation, you will see them going on a shopping spree redesigning everything and picking every chair and spoon for the house. Here’s a little secret they don’t actually get to keep that stuff the truth is that’s just staging, like all of us they tend to decorate with what they have because they don’t have the budget not to. That said, don’t feel like you need to go out and buy all new things and everything needs to be new and what you do buy, make it work for you with what you have.

My shelves in my room with all my bags and some fun shoes on display

3. Anything can be decor: When renting, you often have two things 1) lack of space and 2) lack of money. Something I love to do is use my shoes, purses, etc. As decor rather than shove these away. I display on open shelves and maybe on a hook wherever it fits and makes

4. DIY: I love some good DIY, and there are so many good things to do in a place that can both be a cheap fix but will also make the apartment pop.

I recently saw this photo, and it was just a quick look, so I don’t know if this is exactly what it was, but it inspired me to make these.

1)Taking t-shirts, I don’t wear

2) either folding them or cutting to the size of a corkboard (amazon)

-cuttings better particularly if you want to use to pin stuff on to them but if you plan to wear then just fold as I did

3)Simply get thumbtacks (i like the silver ones because they look like furniture nails)

You can also staple onto the back for a seamless look

4) Place sticky on the board (come with cork or use command velcro strips)

5) Put up

  • I’ve used as just wall art but here’s a lot of options

  • Get a few together and use as a mosaic headboard

  • Use one or more as a pin or message board

  • Use someplace you want some noise proofing

  • Make a memory wall of places and things you’ve been and done

^Before aND AFTER . V

^dorm kitchen

^ Before After V

^ dorm

^ current room

5. Removable wallpaper: I heard about this on a dorm website, and immediately looked into and was obsessed and looked into right away. It’s great because in the last seven years since finding out about it’s become such a thing that now there are some great options and it just makes things pop.

6. Make it unique to you: One of the best things I can say makes it you I love everything and so my room is a clutter full of stuff that means something to me I wish I could do the Scandinavian minimalist thing, but that’s just not me. (every time I’m moving people always look around and are like how are you going to get this all out) So make it you have pictures include favorite movie posters things that will make you smile not what looks best in pictures.

This sign I insisted on buying, and my mom rolled her eyes, But my roommate I moved in with, and I had a group-chat called the weird kids, and so I thought this sign was very fitting.

^ my first dorm I put curtains in!

^ Here are my curtains minus the Blackout curtains behind them.

7. Curtains tension roads- This is kind of funny to me because it didn’t seem like a genius idea more like I hate these window shutters and I need something to pop on this wall I’m going to get Curtains and put them on a tension rod. And everyone came and was like wait how did you do that and wow that’s so cool. They just really pop and add such a great visual look (and I’m a baby about the light, so I put a blackout curtain behind the curtain to make it dark when they are drawn)

^my bed is 18" tall so i can fit standard storage binds under (16")

^My lamp in the livening room doubles as shelves

8. Storage is king- When choosing storage remember sometimes cutest is not the best choice, sometimes it’s just about storage and then adapt that to be cute.

Sofa waifair

sofa from Wayfair , lamp and chair from Target, Table and Counter stools Amazon

9. Shop around and get it delivered.- We live in the age of the internet which is great because you can look at all your choices and even better don’t bother to drag it home either go to a store and take a pic and order or just find online and have it shipped. In New York and some other major cities when you check out, you can pay a fee to have it delivered (between $7 and $30).

^Started above my bed then moved to above my sofa V

10. It’s a process not overnight- while you will get 90% done in the first few days but just know you can and will add stuff along the way a mirror because you need to look at your outfit or a lamp there because it’s always so dark or just a poster because you went to an event etc.

^this closet I started with but visually it cut the room up, so three months in I ended up with this excellent rail system v


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